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Tell me your sport and I’ll tell you… your 10 GoPro accessories – Snowboard & Ski

Tell me your sport and I’ll tell you… your 10 GoPro accessories – Snowboard & Ski

“I can do everything! I want to do everything… but I cannot buy everything!” This is usually the first thought of those who look at the incredibly variety of GoPro accessories, all available in most online stores. So how do you choose from such a big selection? We’ll try to help you by recommending some “must have” and cool GoPro items. Let’s start with the essentials for fans of snowboarding and skiing.

1. Extendable remote pole. If you don’t mind carrying something in your hands while you snowboard or ski, you can attach your GoPro directly to the end of the telescopic pole and you’re done!

2. Rotating Helmet Mount. It gives you freedom and flexibility since the camera is able to rotate 360 degrees around your head. The curved surface mount is ideal for attaching it on surfaces like a snowboard helmet.

3. Rain repellent or Anti-Fog inserts. These little patches or this rain repellent protect your lens in cold and humid environments. Just what we need… to avoid that the pesky moisture causes cloudy and fogged up videos.

4. Battery charger. You are there, on the slope you’ve always dreamed of… and you’re ready to face it like a true champion! …Too bad that no one will ever see it, because your battery is dead! To avoid this, always pack a battery charger + a second rechargeable battery.

5. Extra SD Memory Card. Is there anything more frustrating than a dead battery? Maybe if you have no more storage space! Here two options: a bigger memory card or – better – a multiple card carrying case, where you can hold up to 8 memory cards in dedicated compartments.

6. Your personal drone. We don’t want predict the future, but we sure can see ourselves testing this at some point: the Airdog, the auto-follow drone for GoPro Cameras!

7. Filters kit. To avoid jerky and shaky footage, we we suggest you get yourself a ND filter. It reduces light intensity and snow glare and is especially useful in alpine conditions.

8. Chesty mount. For footage with a lower perspective than clips captured from the helmet, the GoPro Chesty is ideal for a ski slope. However, it is probably not too useful for snowboarding given the rider’s sideways position.

9. GoPro protective lens and covers. This kit includes a protective lens, a camera lens cover, a housing lens cover and replacement battery and side doors. Your GoPro is resistant, tough, cool… but it’s not indestructible! It’s worth the money if you want to protect your precious camera.

10. Adaptor tripod mounts. Using these adapters you can mount your GoPro to any standard tripod. It’s a boring accessory? Not at all! You’ll see!

And of course, once you filmed the slope of your life, the one that will make all your friends gasp in amazement, create your own unique action videos with MAGIX Fastcut and share them with everyone!

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