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100,000 new beat producers within 2 months!

100,000 new beat producers within 2 months!

This year, on March 21st, we decided to take the latest incarnation of Music Maker in a new direction. This loop-based software, an establishment in the world of music production for over 20 years, has since been available for free as a full version. We are proud to announce that within 2 months, more than 100,000 music enthusiasts have downloaded the gratis full version. We’ll tell you what the new Music Maker has to offer and what changes there have been.

Is the new free Music Maker fully functional?

With the free version of Music Maker, we want to present a product that makes music production available to everyone. The version here is fully functional and has all the features required to produce a song.

You too can easily compose personalized songs from the included Loops and record additional your own vocal or instrumental tracks with a microphone. Alternatively, you can play your musical ideas using a MIDI controller and edit these afterwards using the MIDI editor.

Which features does Music Maker have?

The Music Maker bundle contains the following:

  • 1 soundpool:

Listen to the demos:

  • 425 sounds & loops
  • 3 software instruments
  • 8 tracks
  • 8 effects (including Chorus, Echo, WahWah, Flanger)

As the main features, we’ll take a closer look at the 3 software instruments.

  • With Revolta 2, you’ll get a synthesizer containing various filters, oscillators, and modulation options, which you can use to create your own basses, lead synths and sounds. In addition to this, there are 16 basic presets for techno, hip hop, and electronic music for you to choose to help realize your new ideas.
  • With its powerful and dynamic sounds, the Concert Grand LE is versatile and is suited to pop, classical, and hip hop productions. Here you can hear how the Concert Grand sounds in a pop production:

  • With the VITA 2 Sample Player, you can control different elements from the sample library. Here you can also use the Acoustic Drum Kit & Percussion sound library You can get a feel for this in the soundpool demos mentioned above!

 Will the other versions of Music Maker like Live and Premium disappear?

The well-known Music Maker Live and Premium versions will still exist as separate editions. Music Maker Plus is a version that sits in-between Music Maker and Music Maker Live.

A detailed comparison can be found in our product overview.

Can I add extra soundpools and functions in the new free Music Maker?

Yes, you can! With the new Music Maker In-App Store, you’ll have instant access to extra soundpools, virtual instruments, and presets. These can easily be added through the In-App Store to increase your musical repertoire in just a few clicks.

You can find a detailed article about the Music Maker In-App Store here.

Have fun making music! Here’s the new Music Maker!


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