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A Leap for Faith

A Leap for Faith

The catalyst for Faith Granger? A hot rod. Back in 2006, the then-singer/songwriter, artist, and producer took a break from the music industry and bought herself a 1932 Ford roadster. And it was love. Not only with the car, but the history of the hot rod. She couldn’t believe no one had brought the story and the cars’ history to the big screen. Challenge accepted!

Faith went on to create the critically-acclaimed “Deuce of Spades” documentary, with no filmmaking experience, no budget, and no crew. The film won several awards and has been described as one of the best films in its genre. Goes to show with the right equipment, passion, and drive, anything is possible.

On the Road, in the Round

These days, Faith has moved on to her next cinematic challenge. She’s taking her hot rod, the Deuce of Spades, on the road, and filming her adventures in 360 degrees.

Again, lack of experience didn’t deter Faith from creating her new video series. Once Faith captured her footage, making her masterpiece was easy thanks to MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus, packed with tons of special effects, 4K editing, free multimedia tracks, fisheye correction and more.

Going Behind the Scenes

To show how easy it is to create with 360⁰ footage, Faith’s behind-the-scenes video shows the steps she took and how easy it is to move from imagination to creation.

Now, you can watch her amazing 360˚ creation, the behind-the-scenes video, and more about 360˚ video creation at, an online destination created in partnership with Intel®.

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