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The New Online Marketing Trend: 360° Videos

The New Online Marketing Trend: 360° Videos

An exciting, new technique for modern advertising has emerged. You have most likely noticed that 360° videos are popping up in your YouTube recommendations and your Facebook feed these days. Most of them are sponsored content for advertising purposes… And for good reasons.

360° video is one of the most promising medium for enhancing the advertising experience and engaging potential customers in recent years. Here’s a short list of why this new medium is so influential and what advertisers who want to join the wave need to keep in mind.

The Techniques that Hook Viewers

1. Creating a Brand Atmosphere

With 360° video, companies have the opportunity to showcase their entire operation. One video packs in an entire branding experience using an intimate view behind the concept of their products and corporate image. The viewer has complete control over what they see, but the publisher is creating the environment, which offers the images they want to facilitate and engages the audience through storytelling.

Look at how the Sydney Opera House’s video featuring Nicole Car and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra is tailored to attract an audience for a night in one of the world’s most impressive concert halls. It perfectly embodies a relaxing atmosphere and suitable brand image for their clientele.



2. Intuitive Sound Design

Sound design has become an essential part of marketing and film, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the audio track to a 360° interactive video is a driving force for engaging your audience. The best videos in this genre successfully immerse the audience in an omnidirectional soundscape. What a viewer hears will encourage them to explore the entire scene, follow the story and keep their eyes on your advertisement, as well as their ears on your sound logo.


3. Breaking the 4th Wall*

Typically, a 360° video means that you will be breaking the 4th wall to help the viewer identify with your product, which has always been a hokey gimmick in traditional commercials. If your campaign does this unconvincingly or your product doesn’t lend itself well to a 360° video, then the ads will surely be a flop. Point of view is crucial to creating an effective campaign. Your POV can place the customers in the shoes of a world-class athlete or in the middle of an exotic resort. They want to explore in the video and wonder what they may not have seen. That means they come back for more and your name gets more exposure. The viewer is not always specifically addressed during a video, however, their incorporation is somehow necessary to make an effective production.

(*The 4th Wall: the imaginary barrier which separates the viewer from the scene.)


Samsung published this 360° Snowboard and Freeski video which allows viewers to cruise down the slopes in a group of extreme athletes. It showcases the versitility of 360° video to generate multiple views, since no matter how hard you try you will always have more action to revisit the next time you watch.


4. Creating Multiple Views

Which brings us to an important question: does your video work at home and on the go? Equally as important as the viewer’s experience in the video is the environment in which the video is viewed. A 360° is best when it works as a standalone video and allows for exploration. Watching with the full experience of a VR headset and headphones is great, but it won’t hook people who watch on their phone while on the go. If properly conceptualized, a video can work in both settings and will generate more views, since viewers will revisit it to see what they missed.


5. Tugging on Heartstrings

The of these points collects to a final effect of 360° videos: creating an emotional connection between your brand and your viewers. The ability to explore a scene and concentrate on an individual subject gives the viewer the opportunity to find their own emotional reference point, which makes your brand more relatable. In this visually stimulating video, AT&T and TOMS colllaborated to mash-up fashion, skating, travel, and charity in an emotional appeal to potential customers, which educates about their brands.

No doubt the 360° video will continue to be a hot advertising trend as technology improves and becomes more accessible. Both MAGIX Movie Edit Pro and Video Pro X support 360° video editing and are inspiring tools for creating high-quality films. Find out more by checking out our product pages or taking advantage of one of our 30-day free trial versions.

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