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5 new soundpools and inspiration from Simtem for the winter

5 new soundpools and inspiration from Simtem for the winter

5 new soundpools and inspiration from Simtem

Winter is here and maybe you want to do something positive for yourself. After the gluttony wave from Christmas, it’s time to open up Music Maker or your favorite DAW and finally make some music!

And that’s why we made sure you are stocked on sounds, samples and inspiration for the winter! Occasion enough to release five fresh soundpools!

Everything from hip-hop to film score, to tropical house! A whole spread of diverse styles are waiting to be discoved by you! An American Christmas soundpool is a highlight that includes parts your can use to give your tracks a seasonal touch.

And to make accessing the soundpools even quicker and easier, we’ve created a whole world full of sound with the Music Maker Store.

New soundpools

You can listen to the new soundpools in this playlist:

Here are a couple of soundpool descriptions, just so you know what to expect!

Trap – US Trap:

It’s the fresh new hip hop sound straight from the US: dark trap sounds meet hungry young rappers.

Swing – American Christmas:

The whole world covered by a coat of snow, houses decorated for the holidays. Just the right time to bring joy to your loved ones with a Christmas song of your own, styled to the tune of American big bands!

Score – Action Cuts:

This new action-packed soundtrack includes a cinematic orchestra with dramatic strings to let you visualize the big screen at its most epic.

HipHop – Heavy Weight:

Capture the return of classic boom-bap sound with dark drums, a laid-back piano loop and a true old school heavyweight on the mic.

House – Tropical House:

Bring tropical heat to the dancefloor and get bodies swaying in rhythm to chilled House beats, dreamy guitars and exotic percussion

Get inspiration from Simtem! Merry Trapmas!

Simtem XMas

Original Artwork by Tobi Carelle, edited by MAGIX.

If you’re looking for inspiration this winter, and hip-hop and trap are just your thing, then you’ve got to check out the Canadian Music Maker producer Simtem! He regularly releases fresh trap beats with local rappers who are sure to but your subwoofers to the test! Together with MAGIX, he has recently published a “Merry Trapmas” which brings together the feeling of US trap and American Christmas music.

Take a listen here:

Or try to make a cross-over of your own! How about a Winter House track?

You can start right away with a Music Maker version!


We wish you joyful music creation!



Basti is a freshman at MAGIX since 2015 and works in the Social Media team, mostly focussing on french communication. He is studying Music and Media and currently writing his Bachelor thesis on the origins of hip-hop. When he does not navigate the social media world, he loves to play piano and dance.

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