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5 quick DIY Christmas presents

5 quick DIY Christmas presents

Every year Christmas takes place on December 25th, still many people don’t manage to buy all the presents they need. This often happens because of a lack of ideas. That’s why they always have to face the same old problem. We have the perfect solution: with creativity and the photo editing software Photo & Graphic Designer you will be able to easily craft your own DIY presents. And homemade presents are the best, anyway! This is our Top 5:

1. Holiday pictures with a panorama view

5 Weihnachtsgeschenke für Eilige-picture 1

This will warm your heart during cold days. Take up to six pictures and create a panorama photo. Just place them in the right order and use the function “Create Panorama“. You can find all the steps to do that in Nova’s tutorial.

2. Photo collage

5 Weihnachtsgeschenke für Eilige-picture 2

Create a collage with your digital pictures. Feel free just to arrange them or use them to create a logo. In his article, Dennis shows you how to arrange your photos quickly.

3. Self-made bookmarks

You can also use the collage how-to to create bookmarks with your pictures. Take pictures from a local photo booth as an example. Arrange your photos vertically and follow Dennis’ tutorial. Here is my personal tip: Take the measures height 15cm x width 4cm and the bookmarks will also fit into paperbacks! If you laminate the printed bookmark in the end, it will also last longer.

4. Self-made photo calendar

At the stationary shop you can find cheap crafting calendars. To decorate these calendars just enhance your photos, print them out and glue them onto the calendars. Use the tools in Photo & Graphic Designer to brighten your photos, to set sharpness and contrast, to add a filter or to cut them. Holding CTRL while selecting a handle will cut the picture consistently. These steps won’t take much time but they will help you to create a great present.

5. Create CD/DVD labels, covers and shells

5 Weihnachtsgeschenke für Eilige-picture 3

My personal classic: traditional music for the grandparents, a mixtape with brand new songs for the big sister or a new Christmas compilation to escape the “Last Christmas“ terror. With the help of our graphic software you will be able to create the perfect covers for your favorite mix. The same applies to DVDs, of course. My colleague Mathias shows you how to smarten up your CDs and DVDs in his short tutorial.

Don’t forget to download the free trial version of the Photo & Graphic Designer, to make your own DIY christmas presents.

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