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5 Things to try out with your Action-Cam

5 Things to try out with your Action-Cam

We have all seen some crazy and daring action-cam videos from extreme athletes. When they ride their bike near the abyss or try to escape landslides on their skis, we’re totally engrossed. Through these videos, we get more adrenalin than in our everyday life. However, people like you and me can also create engrossing videos. Thus we have prepared some cool ideas to make awesome videos without risking your own life.

Action-cam videos

Day in the life of a pet

What would it be like to see the world through the eyes of an animal? Regardless if you’ve a cat, dog or duck as a pet, an action-cam can be attached to almost every animal.

Trips with an altitude flight

If you want to get up high, why not attach your action-cam to a helium balloon? Not only does it give you the possibility to see the world in a different way, but it also allows you to take unique shots. Why not try it out at your local Christmas market or carnival?

Third Person View

Engrossing videos can also be created from placing the camera behind your back. This perspective is so thrilling, because everyone instantly feels like they are controlling you as in a video game!

Roller coaster – wingding

Looking for an adrenaline kick? Then head to a leisure park! There you can take your action-cam on a trip full of adventures. It is extremely funny to look back on your scared and/or exhilarated faces!

Kinetic photography

Kinetic photography, an experimental photography technique in which the camera is attached to a moving object, is becoming more and more popular. Why not attach your action-cam to a hula hoop and do some twirls?!

We hope that our ideas have inspired you and look forward to seeing your creative results! Remember that with MAGIX Fastcut, you can finally easily edit your recordings to create perfect videos. So what are you waiting for? Download the 30 day free trial today!


This part time member of the MAGIX team is originally from Berlin and has been with us since August 2014. In her free time she attempts, among other things, to photograph the various apects of the people around her which have been characterized by the big city.

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