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50% Off Movie Edit Pro: Get more out of raw video material

50% Off Movie Edit Pro: Get more out of raw video material

MAGIX offers at the end of its great Like5 contest to all of the MAGIX Facebook fans Movie Edit Pro and four of its Top-Sellers for half of their purchase price. Just become a fan of MAGIX on Facebook and invite all of your friends to do so likewise. More information will then follow on Facebook.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is a video editing software, which allows beginners as well as advanced enthusiasts to get more out of their self-made film material. For beginners, getting familiar with the program is easy. The clear interface helps to quickly find the desired functions. In addition, an intuitive control causes that most beginners are just stunned about how easy and fast they actually garnished their raw footage with some impressive effects.

More experienced users appreciate Movie Edit Pro for the possibility to go much deeper into the software, as the simple-to-understand interface suggests first. Full support of HD cameras and AVCHD cameras is just the beginning. Extensive audio dubbing, professional DVD authoring, dynamic slow motion and individually adjustable track heights allow convenient editing and will delight the hearts of every videographer.

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