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50% Off Web Designer: Your Online Business Card

50% Off Web Designer: Your Online Business Card

MAGIX offers at the end of its great Like5 contest to all of the MAGIX Facebook fans Web Designer and four of its Top-Sellers for half of their purchase price. Just become a fan of MAGIX on Facebook and invite all of your friends to do so likewise. More information will then follow on Facebook.

Web Designer is a great all-rounder! This program enables the user to do graphic design, image optimization and online publishing. A variety of different templates, which can be completely customized in every detail, make learning the software easy and fast. Everything that is edited, customized and positioned on the screen will be displayed online in the same way: What You See Is What You Get (WSYIWYG). No knowledge of HTML or of content management systems is required in order to finally be able to publish your own Internet presence.

Today your own website is a must. As an online business card to support your job application, as a storage medium for the wedding photos to be downloaded for other guests or simply as a self-designed mouthpiece to the world, online pages have in many professional and personal matters become indispensable. Nevertheless, many users still shy away from the topic and say that it is difficult to get your own website on the Net. Web Designer is the clear evidence that this not the case.

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