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“A Minute with MAGIX”: Handy Tips in Video Clips

“A Minute with MAGIX”: Handy Tips in Video Clips

When working with video, photo, or music editing programs it can often be difficult to find and apply the effect you want. How can I create mirror images of objects in my photos? How can I pixelate the faces? How do I use a certain audio effect? Reading through long user manuals and instructions in PDF format can be a bit frustrating for the user because most often only the general functions are explained with no practical explanations of the actual workflow.

Our new video series “A Minute with MAGIX” provides a solution to this problem by offering users extra assistance in addition to the helpful user questions about specific effects or the Tips und Tricks that are already included in MAGIX programs.

Working with certain programs can be a pretty stressful experience for some people so it’s no wonder that they are constantly looking for answers anywhere they can find them. They visit forums, read question & answer boards, and often end up browsing YouTube to get information from “how to” videos. Sometimes people watch them out of simple interest, other times they are looking for help with a specific problem. Either way one thing is for sure: These videos are extremely popular! But even some of these “how to” videos are simply too long for people who are looking for quick answers to specific questions.

With this in mind we’ve decided to keep our videos “short and sweet” by making each of them about one minute long. They show how to get the most from MAGIX programs in easy, straightforward steps. Some of the videos provide tips for advanced users who want to apply complicated video or audio effects while other videos are aimed at beginners and provide clear and simple instructions on how to get quick results. After all, using the software should be as fun as it is productive!

As users work with a program it is only natural that they begin to ask themselves questions. Is there a way to get faster results? Is there a way to improve my workflow to get better results or perhaps even completely different results?

We’d like to answer those questions and what better way to do that than with short, informative videos? Check out our YouTube Channel to get the answers you’ve been looking for!

Here you can watch the latest addition to the “A Minute with MAGIX” series:


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