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A Year In MAGIX!

A Year In MAGIX!

Another year has gone by, with many exciting adventures along the way! We have reached the end of the year and before we go off to our families and homes we’ve been missing in countries around the world. We’d like to  take one last look at the eventful twelve months of 2012 and share with you, the readers, what was most important to us.


At the beginning of the year we applied ourselves to online design,  gaving away some hints and tips to try with our products Web Designer and Website Maker. With the rising temperatures and Spring on our minds the articles focused on music – we did not only look at music making, but also at the organisation and optimization of one’s whole audio collection. During the summer the editorial work of our magazine was dominated by sports and activity outdoors. We shared some hints with which readers, with limited financial resources, could properly photograph monumental moments of the European Championship and the Olympics. In fall while the cold temperatures were taking their toll, our emphasis moved on to snuggling indoors and keeping warm. Editing pictures, working on videos of the happy times in summer, and remixing songs – while the temperatures are falling rapidly, for us it is now all about the Quality Time@Home.


Whether it is good weather and you’re outside or the temperatures are low and you’re sitting in front of the screen/fire/radiator: MAGIX is ready to keep you company.  Our programs will enable you to edit,  organise or just to have a nice time exploring different creative abilities! The year 2012 in particular was important for us in the overall development of our company. This year we expanded our abilities and can proudly say we will continue to produce our PC-software as well as mini applications to expand creative production abilities to  mobile devices. The newest additions to the MAGIX family of apps include Camera MX, Music Maker Jam, and, the most recently released, Movie Edit Touch.  We now feel incredibly optimistic and prepared to adapt with technologies as the world advances – We already have some surprises up our sleeves for 2013 …


Look forward to many surprises from MAGIX in the new year! One goal of ours is to make easily understandable and intuitively operable programs for all your mobile devices. We will continue with our new strategy of production of all programs for multiple computer operational systems, as well. You may have seen our first triumph is the development of  the new Mac-software, Audio Cleaner Pro. In the next year we have plans to develop all of your favorite MAGIX PC classics for Mac.

Thank your for an incredible 2012, we can’t wait to see all that you create in the new year.  

In this spirit, we’d like to wish all our readers  Happy Holidays and all the best in 2013.



  • Thank you for your wonderful products: what you offer is simply amazing.  As a professional filmmaker, I rely almost solely on you VPX software as well as your music creation software for making my films. It is my wish that your products continue to gain steam in the year ahead and that you see greater and greater success.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work: it is cherished and nothing is overlooked.  Have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!  Peace and Light! -Gene Lythgow


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