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Support question of the month: Where can I find additional video effects for Movie Edit Pro?

Support question of the month: Where can I find additional video effects for Movie Edit Pro?

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro provides film makers with hundreds of ways of bringing projects to life. The program features a wide range of effects, transitions, and editing options to encourage creativity, which makes it the ideal choice for all kinds of people no matter what their video editing needs. Effects and editing options in Movie Edit Pro are particularly important for people who make animated films, with this incredible range of options they’ll be able to successfully bring all their ideas to life. Unfortunately not everyone who wants to create a action packed Hollywood short movie has access to a Hollywood budget. This means that certain scenes or color filters have to be virtually processed or created in order to make a film look the part. There are some special effects already available in the video editing program, however if you want to access extra effects we recommend visiting the Online Media Marketplace, Catooh. Which leads to the following question:

How can use Catooh to integrate additional video effects into Movie Edit Pro?

Integrating effects from Catooh is easy, even while you’re working in the program. Simply click on the Catooh button in the top right corner of the screen above the Media Pool.


When you click on this button the Catooh page will automatically open in your Internet browser. After signing in you will be able to see any content you’ve already downloaded. Go to “Templates & Effects” or “Videos” in the main list to access different effects, intros, and animations. In this example I am going to choose “Videos”. When choosing content simply move the mouse cursor over a thumbnail to preview the effect, making it easier to find the one you want. If you find something you really like click on the magnifying glass under the thumbnail. Catooh will then automatically search for similar content.


When you have found the right effect select it using the mouse, more details such as resolution, length, video format, and effect file format will then appear. In the bottom left corner you can select the download folder for Catooh media, I suggest using the default folder.


Now all you have to do is add the effect you want to the shopping basket, enter your details and download the file. Once this is done the “Import” tab in the Media Pool will be selected. The downloaded effect is located in “MAGIX Tools” > “Downloads”.


Double-click to install it and add it to the software. The effect can now be used!

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