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Animals as Youtube Stars: Frida the Cat about Success and Thieves on the Net

Animals as Youtube Stars: Frida the Cat about Success and Thieves on the Net

The real stars on video sharing sites, such as Youtube, are cats, dogs or even little rodents.So the modern day rule goes: The more an animal acts like or resembles his master, the wilder his success in the net community. Here at the MAGIX Magazine, we met up with one of the freshest faces in this scene of video stars, Frida Kahlo the cat. In her video one can watch as she gambles and outsmarts the cup game dealer. She ends up winning two out of three rounds! In only a few days, this video was viewed more than 700,000 times. In this interview, Frida reflects on her success and the story behind it.

Hi Frida- could you please explain how you all of this buzz?

Now, at the beginning no one could have spoke of an internet buzz. Friends and family saw the video, and then it was uploaded to Youtube and spread around Facebook. In two months, only around 3,000 people had viewed it. Then, some other Youtube user stole the video and loaded on his own channel. In the shortest time was the video viewed 120,000 times! Luckily the Youtube community is very mindful and a few users informed me that another user was showing my video on his own channel. I was shocked and wanted to know what was going on! We contacted the oaf who took the video and demanded that he take the video off of his channel. The copyright laws in Germany are very strong and so the video was taken down quite quickly. But other users seemed to have the same idea, and almost every day there was a new person presenting it as his own. In one day there were three who claimed me as their own cat! They were from all over the world. On Twitter, I was suddenly a Russian cat. The Russian user who stole my video attracted so much attention, that it was suddenly catapulted to the Youtube start page. But it only really helped my video. We weren’t credited with and of the viewership from our pilfered video.

Which users helped spread the video?

There were a lot of blogs that wrote about it, and there were also many articles on the online sites of classic, large media outlets: in the USA, CBS showcased it on their internet site, and in France it was posted on RTL’s (a large radio show) blog, as well as in the free magazine 20 Minutes. We, however, also got a lot of attention from a young girl’s Youtube channel.

But the succcess wasn’t just on the internet. You got a lot of attention in classic media, right?

Yes, absolutely. At least three Japanese TV- channels contacted me about the video, wanting interviews. Furthermore, the excitement in the USA was huge: I was contacted by the morning show, ‚Good Morning, America!’ and by the ‚Ellen DeGeneres Show’. My show was shown on these programs. In Germany, I was featured on the TV-show ‚Pro7’.

What do you think is the recipe for success?

To be successful, it helps always helps to be a woman, and -even better- to be intelligent. And it’s also best to have a beautiful and fluffy coat of hair. With all of these three at hand, your success is pretty much secured.

Did you train for the shell game?

No, not at all. It’s pretty easy for me, I’m a natural. One day I saw my master playing with some nut shells and a little peice of crumpled paper, so I decided to play also. The one bad thing is that I’m a sore loser…

So enjoy your success!
Yup, I’ve already had a tasty steak as a reward. I’m hoping it wasn’t the last…

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