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Apocalypse Rescheduled

Apocalypse Rescheduled

The apocalypse is near! Well, maybe it isn’t, but there are many people who believe that it is quickly approaching. Whether in the form of an asteroid, tidal waves or the rapture, it is hurdling towards Earth. These people wholeheartedly believe that there are various signs, from modern day events to ancient prophecies,  pointing to the End of Days.

The film, 201 gave celebrity to ancient Mayan apocalyptic predictions pointing to December 21, 2012. However, some point rather to the Biblical secrets as their source. Harold Camping has been studying the Bible for almost 70 years and believes that he has found a numerical code that predicts the end of days. Working as a civil engineer, he has always had a passion for numbers and sought them out in all of his endeavours. When looking at the scriptures, he wondered about the significance of numbers. Throwing himself into this world, he eventually came up with an equation that leads him to assert May 21, 2011 as the apocalypse.

He and his followers, however, do not fear this apocalyptic day. They welcome it with open arms, as they think this is the day of their salvation. Another Camping approved End of Days was supposed to come a few years ago and (as one might look around and quickly notice) never did, but Camping assures his followers that this time it is real.

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