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Basti is a freshman at MAGIX since 2015 and works in the Social Media team, mostly focussing on french communication. He is studying Music and Media and currently writing his Bachelor thesis on the origins of hip-hop. When he does not navigate the social media world, he loves to play piano and dance.

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Duc's been part of the Social Media Marketing team since joining MAGIX in early 2016. When he's not active on social media, he enjoys trips to the cinema, hanging out and playing computer games with friends, and playing sport.

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This part time member of the MAGIX team is originally from Berlin and has been with us since August 2014. In her free time she attempts, among other things, to photograph the various apects of the people around her which have been characterized by the big city.

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Deborah has worked at MAGIX since 2005. During her studies in Communication and Film Sciences, she freelanced as copy editor of texts and video tutorials for the MAGIX products. Since 2012 she works in Product Marketing and she is takes care of the Webvideos and Educational department.

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Valentina has been part of the Social Media Team since 2010. She is passionate about all forms of communication, especially film and literature. In her free time, she studies German and attempts to get her grandmother's old recipes right, with rare but wonderful success

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Theresa became part of the Social Media team at MAGIX following an apprenticeship here. When she's not writing exciting posts or answering your questions, she loves to bake and is always providing the whole office with sweet treats.

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