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Capture beautiful autumn pictures just right.

Capture beautiful autumn pictures just right.

Every professional creative already knows. Those still aspiring to train their eye should simply take this for granted – autumn was made to be photographed! With its mix of grand colors and playful light, the season delivers extraordinary landscapes with fascinating palettes.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of cool autumnal compositions for fascinating photos…

  • It’s all about timing!

Experiment in the early morning hours, just before sunrise. The light is warm, shadows light, and fantastic fog will generously reward you for rising early with beautiful moody landscapes!

P.S. For those who aren’t early risers, try your luck in the evening, catching the rays of the setting sun.

  • No bad weather for beautiful shots!

Don’t underestimate overcast, rainy days! This is when you’ll find unique light and special mood in the air. Try playing with the weather and look for interesting interactions between fog and sun, constantly changing with the course of the day.

P.S. Return to the same spot – you just might hit the jackpot! Visit the same places in different weather. Locations can have drastic mood changes and can reveal fall landscapes with varying levels of suspense.

  • Add contrast to the image

Observe your surroundings and try to capture the fascinating world of color around you. Look for playful contrasts, such as between the blues of the sky and the reds of leaves.

P.S. If you set the exposure of your pictures a bit lower, some colors will work better.

  • Use nature to create compositions

Both as background or as the main focus, nature can provide countless angles to your fall pictures. Try anything once. Start from close-ups of fallen leaves and flowers or even mushrooms, look for reflections in puddles, play with depth of focus.

P.S. If you make use of the Golden Section, your compositions won’t suffer from too much symmetry, which can sometimes make them boring.

  • Pay attention to details

Be spontaneous and train your reaction time! Sometimes you notice little details only after you’ve made a plan for the next shot. So, if you suddenly see a hedgehog running across the frame when photographing in a forest, don’t ignore it, grasp the opportunity!

P.S. It pays to look at things from different perspectives. Look at the fallen leaves from the other side – you might be surprised by what you see!

  • Try out different camera settings

Don’t rely on your camera’s automatic settings! The are many possibilities with different aperture, exposure and ISO values. If you have questions about this topic, add them below as a comment.

P.S. You should photograph in RAW format. It offers more options for later editing.

  • Take your time editing your photos

Many hobby photographers neglect reworking their images after shooting. However, this step is crucial for creating a finished work from a spontaneous shot. MAGIX Xara Photo & Graphic Designer offers all the tools you need to get the most out of your autumn photos. You can try it out here and edit your photos for free.

P.S. Take it for a spin and see how your fall pictures come out. Try editing your shots in different ways and experiment with combinations, for example in a photo collage.


This part time member of the MAGIX team is originally from Berlin and has been with us since August 2014. In her free time she attempts, among other things, to photograph the various apects of the people around her which have been characterized by the big city.

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