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Bachelorette’s party time! How to show the best photos and remember the fun!

Bachelorette’s party time! How to show the best photos and remember the fun!

Summer is the time for holidays and fun, but for many of us it is also time to attend some weddings (usually in an increasing number according to your age). Although the big day represents the core of the celebration, for many guests, the fun part comes a few weeks in advance: bachelor and bachelorette parties and/or weekends are usually a real blast for everyone. It takes friends, a cool location and good planning to have a real celebration! Once home, it is time to collect all the pictures of the event (or almost all of them) and organize them in a smart way, in order to keep the “last” trip together always in your mind.

A nice way to present the last great night/weekend out is to prepare a nice slideshow, carefully selecting the pictures taken by the participants. To show you the great weekend of Mary, our bride-to-be and her friends, we built a small slideshow using MAGIX Photostory on DVD MX Deluxe. This software allows you to put all the best pictures together, add a nice soundtrack, comments and effects. The software is very easy to use and it also offers three different interfaces that allow you to work with it in the way you prefer (from an easy mode to an advanced one). Effects, transitions and all the components of the slideshow are fully customizable. Once you have created your slideshow and have added the right amount of humor, the job is done! You can just push a button and upload it to your Facebook page, sharing it immediately with your friends or export and save it on your PC and burn a DVD for all the people who shared with you this great experience. And why not show the slideshow during the wedding itself? Be careful to keep it classy!


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