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What you should always have in a camera bag?

What you should always have in a camera bag?

“Whoops. I forgot to charge my camera and I can’t find anything helpful in my camera bag could help me. What should we do now, look for a pylon and charge our camera there or…” – “Stop! I have the whole MacGyver DVD collection at home! After seven seasons and 139 episodes, I know what to do!”. .

Angus MacGyver is well known for being able find a solution to even impossible situations through clever improvisation and clever rethinking. So that you don’t have to watch all seven seasons and 139 episodes of the series in order to find out what you have to pack and so that you’re prepared for every possibility, here’s our list of things that should always be in a camera bag!

What should always be in a camera bag?

Gaffatape or Duck Tape
MacGyver: A hommage to sticky tape. This tip is almost as old as humanity itself. You can really do wonders with Duck Tape. For us, it’s the basic element for all camera users. With this, you can fix your Actioncam or tripod to all kinds of places. Avoiding untidy cables is also no problem, as you can tie them together with this tape. Really indispensable for filming. NoDuckTape is a NoPro!

Spare batteries
Our solution to the original problem is admittedly not very spectacular. Essentially, it can’t hurt to have a few spare batteries in your bag. So always remember: Powerbanks and rechargeable batteries are your friends – always have more of these groundbreaking inventions in your bag!

Rubbish bags and elastic bands
In case your shots are rubbish, you’ll always have something on you so that you can dispose of them in an eco-friendly way! Ok, this tip probably isn’t very helpful. As an alternative (and that’s the most efficient point), you can also use rubbish bags and elastic bands as rain protection for your equipment. This can alternatively be used as dirt protection, because noone wants their expensive equipment to get dirty or even broken.Funnily enough, you can also use the elastic bands to shoot your incompetent second cameraman if you’re unhappy with their results. #WeCanBeMacGyver

Pens and a notepad
Did you know that our brain can actually process 10¹³ analog calculations per second? This doesn’t guarantee that important information can be called up at the right moment (do you remember that maths exam in year nine?) You should always have something to write with close by, to make sure that you don’t forget important details or ideas and can always keep track of important details and information.

Something to eat and drink
No good motor can function without fuel – no person can function without the right nutrients. Especially at long photoshoots, your body can get run down and you can get tired and lose concentration. A sip of water from your water bottle in order to bring your heart rate back to normal, a cereal bar to guarantee your protein intake and a banana for a carbohydrate boost, and you’ll be fit again!Secret tip: Corn sugar can never hurt!

Another classic that you should never forget. It doesn’t always have to be an expensive Swiss Army Knife, but having an all-in-one solution to hand makes a lot of things easier and also saves a lot of space. Our protagonist built a net trap with a simple pocket knife.The possible uses of a multitool while working are endless.

Your camera 
Hello Captain Obvious! It might be obvious that a camera should always be in a camera bag, but we’ll mention it again just in case, since this article is called “What you should always have in a camera bag”.So always remember to pack your SLR camera or Actioncam, ideally with the corresponding lens and a free memory card.

Seven seasons of practical inventions, seven irreplaceable utensils for your camera bag and the résemé

Frankly speaking, it’s very hard to pick up MacGyver‘s improvisation talent. But with our tips, you’re on the right path to always being well equipped whilst on the go. Whatever else you want to fill your bag with is of course up to you.

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