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Camera MX – Now with GIF export!

Camera MX – Now with GIF export!

Following the latest update, you can choose between exporting your Live Shots as video clips or a GIFs.
In addition to even faster operation, you can now create animated Live Wallpaper.

What do you need? To start, all you need is an Android smartphone and the latest version of our free photo app Camera MX!

Export Live Shots as GIFs

We have already explained how to make Live Shots in a previous article about Camera MX. In addition to exporting them as short videos, you can now convert your moving snapshot to a GIF.
By the way, “GIF” signifies a graphics format capable of losslessly compressing images, as well as saving and animating multiple images.

How GIF export works:

1) Take your Live Shot or open one in Camera MX Media Manager.


2) Click the Swirl icon to the left of the pen and select Create GIF/video.Pick the GIF option and begin export.



3) After export, you’ll find the finished GIF file in your local photo album and in the Media Manager.


(At this point, we would like to congratulate our Facebook team again for 52,000 likes!)

A little extra:
For those who can’t get enough of animated images and are bored with the few wallpaper files that come pre-installed: create your own Live Wallpaper!
To do so, simply select “
set as Live Wallpaper” in the Live Shot editing window.
In your smartphone’s background settings, select the new background using the Camera MX button.


Now it’s your turn!

Got an appetite for more? Then simply download the latest version of Camera MX on Google Play for free!

The new version at a glance:

  • Share Live Shots as animated GIFs

  • Record Live Shots faster

  • Create Live Wallpaper

  • Convert Live Shots back to photos


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