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Camera MX – the new update now with Live Shot feature

Camera MX – the new update now with Live Shot feature

It’s never been easier to bring memories to life and relive special moments thanks to the latest version of Camera MX and its Live Shot feature.

You can create live photos directly on your Android device.

How? Aren’t animated images just videos?

Kind of! Live Shot photos are similar to GIFs, those short clips that abound on the Internet. Here’s what they look like:

Individual sequences that were captured in the last seconds before you took the actual photo are saved in the form of a loop. This picture sequence is played three times and rewound fast in the Live Shot. This means you can capture particular moments in their entirety and view them again and again.

In addition, you can select individual frames or images and save or edit them separately using the Shoot the Past feature. This lets you select the perfect snapshots where people don’t have their eyes closed or are looking away at the wrong moment.

This is how you create the perfect Live Shots!

Creating animated photos is easy. Keep reading to learn the step-by-step method – from taking the Live Shot to sharing it. 

1.Starting up the Camera MX app


You can access all of the most important features directly from the start screen in the app, such as video, flash, effects and the front-to-back switch option. So getting started is simple. What’s special about Camera MX is that photo effects can be used on the fly, while you’re actually taking a photo.

When you start up the app for the first time, take a tour and discover all its features and highlights. It’s definitely worth it!

Did you know? The start menu lets you specify whether you want the camera to start up when you open the app.

2. Capturing


For Live Shots: you’ll see a little swirl icon next to the flash. Tap on this to activate the Live Shot feature. The button will light up. Info about this feature will appear when you use it for the first time in Camera MX.


Take your shot with the camera icon – this will also automatically capture the last few seconds before the actual image. And voilà – you’ve taken your first Live Shot! You can check these out in the media manager. Simple tap on the symbol beside the camera.

3. Managing your photos


Edit your Live Shots, photos and videos with effects or cut out sections in the media manager. The little swirl on the thumbnails indicate which images are Live Shots. Tap on a Live Shot to view it.

You can decide whether you want to use folder or timeline view.

Note: You can only view, edit and share Live Shots in the media manager in Camera MX.


To view your Live Shot as an animation, just press and hold a section of the screen and watch your photo come alive!


Tip: Under “Edit Live Shot” you can modify the start point. This means that the clip will rewind faster due to the shorter playing time and can also loop directly (you might be familiar with this effect from Boomerang). Once you’re happy with the result, tap on “Trim Live Short”.


4. Sharing is Caring

Now you can share your finished Live Shots on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or by email. To do this go to “Share” in the menu and select the option you want.


Become part of the community: Share the shots you’ve created with the whole world using the hashtags #LiveShot or #CameraMX or post them on our Facebook pinboard! We’d love to see your creative photos and videos!

Camera MX is available for free in the Google Play Store

With over 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store, Camera MX is one of the most popular photo apps around. Try out the fantastic Live Shot feature for yourself and discover your most beautiful photo moments in a wholly different new way.

Download now Camera MX in the Android Store!

Highlights of the new version:

  • Clear user interface
  • Superior photo quality
  • Comprehensive photo and video editing
  • Live Shot
  • Shoot The Past
  • Scene modes
  • 16:9 photos
  • Clearly arranged media manager
  • Tablet compatible
  • Photo printing


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