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Camera MX –Images as moving as the memories themselves.

Camera MX –Images as moving as the memories themselves.

Are you looking for a smartphone app that can not only take great pictures, but also record your moments for all eternity? Take a look at Camera MX !

With this free app, you can take photos and videos, optimize, organize and share them in no time. More than 10 millions downloads in over 100 countries, as well as 1.3 million active users says it all. Camera MX convinces by its easy operation, quick reaction time and exclusive additional functions.

The new update delivers a completely new interface! It doesn’t just look classic and modern, but also works to keep your workflow moving at an energetic pace.

Many of you have been fascinated by Live Photos from Apple, but now there is no need to turn in your favorite Android smartphone or tablet? Camera MX lets you make Live Shots!


With its Live Shots function, the app saves the last seconds before you take the actual photo. You can then rewind and select and save moments as individual photos or view your Live Photos as animated clips and share them with friends. This feature lets you relive the best moments from your photos again and again.


Take exclusive charge of your moments!

With Camera MX, you can apply countless fiters and effects already during recording. More than 20 filters and 3 effects packages are available to this end. Inspired by the color spectrum of the summer sun, fun house mirrors at the country fair or minimalist art, Camera MX proves how easy it is to create color works.
In addition you have options to optimize your images from the ground up. Cropping, brightness, contrast, saturation and color temperature – you can make nearly any adjustment to photos and videos to make them even more unique.


You can export your finished recordings as photos, videos and GIFs, or share them directly via social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Try out Live Shots with Camera MX yourself! You can download the free version directly at Play Store.


This part time member of the MAGIX team is originally from Berlin and has been with us since August 2014. In her free time she attempts, among other things, to photograph the various apects of the people around her which have been characterized by the big city.

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