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Cinema&Tech #3 – The Social Network

It’s not really our place to write an article about the film phenomenon of the moment: summarizing and compacting all of the intricacies of such a rich movie. It would do the film an injustice. So, my “BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT” Italian colleague, Valentina, and I have decided to write a list of the 9 facts that would, rather, enhance your experience of the movie, with extra knowledge. Yes, 9. Not 10. NINE. We’re just too cool to round off to even numbers.

1) No friends on facebook? Of the three main actors, only Andrew Garfield used facebook before the film began. Once the film actually finished shooting he stopped using it. “I’m three months clean” he stated to a crowd full of laughing press folk.

2) Writer Cameo. Just perfect. The writer Aaron Sorkin (of Charlie Wilson’s War and The West Wing) makes a cameo in the second half of the movie as an Ad executive.

3) Winklevoss Twins? This director’s trick is quite ingenious. The twins are neither played by the same person, nor are they twins. While Cameron Winklevoss is completely played by Arnie Hammer, Tyler is like some mythological creature of the virtual age. He has the body of Josh Pence, but the face of Arnie Hammer! Post production can really work wonders.

4) The Soundtrack. From the song used in the Trailer, a version of Creep by Radiohead sang by a gospel choir, to the real soundtrack by Ross and Trent Reznor, all we can say is that the high quality and the right use of music is a great help for the movie.

5) Natalie Portman. No, she’s not in the movie, but she had an integral role in the background. As a Harvard graduate, she volunteer to aid Sorkin in making Harvard and it’s secretive clubs and rituals as realistic as possible.

6) 99 Takes. Details-obsessed director David Fincher did 99 takes of the movie’s first scene, in which Mara’s character breaks up with Zuckerberg. He had to get it just right.

7) Software Glitch. The events of the film take place in 2003 and 2004. However, most of the computers in the film are running Windows XP Service Pack 3, which was not released until 2008.

8) No Status Updates? A year prior to the release of this film, Jesse Eisenberg’s character in Zombieland (2009), Columbus, said that the thing he liked best about Zombieland was there were no facebook status updates. Going from that to the creator of facebook…it would be enough to make a method actor schizophrenic.

9) Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind. This may not seem that important, but when you realize that it may be the reason why facebook is blue…….


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