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Contest: FREE Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus!

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus is just now being released in the UK and US, and by entering our simple contest you could win this standard-setting new software! Based on the successful previous versions, the program has been continuously developed to make it the best Movie Edit Pro ever. Of course, you’ll be able to quickly transform your best video recordings into exciting, theater-quality films as usual, but there are 50 new functions! The most exciting new feature is one that most film makers have often dreamed of, but have never had the opportunity to personally try. Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus is the first consumer program to have 3D movie making! In this revolutionary new software, anyone can edit 3D videos just as easily as they do normal 2D film.

All you have to do is comment this blog post using the phrase “3D video editing with MAGIX” in a creative, fun way. But make it good, because at the end of two weeks we will be toiling over who the two lucky winners will be. Don’t forget to, as well, leave us you e-mail addresses so that we may get in touch to schedule the software delivery.

We’re eager to see what you’ll come up with!


  • Not content to just edit and upload videos of my kids, I will be scouring the countryside for compelling content with which to enrich the lives of young and old alike. I like to make people laugh, make people think, and of course make people ask, “What was this nonsense I just watched? The last three minutes of my life are gone forever…”

    Okay, hopefully that's at least somewhat creative and fun. As an Army broadcaster, I'm trained to do short, clear, and concise.

    I, for one, can't wait to try 3D video editing with MAGIX. If I don't win a copy of version 17, I'll be purchasing it later this year.

    My projects, if you can call 'em that, can be seen here: Most were created with Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus, but some of my stuff was made with substandard Army issue software (Avid). I very much prefer Magix products. Also, if you wish to contact me, my email address is

  • Hi….

    I made around 28 videos using magix movie edit pro 15 plus. My favorite movies are Broken Television, Sun Jar, Predictions 2010 and 2009 Rogersville Mo (freshman) Football Hightlights. If you want to see them, go to I think it is about time for me to upgrade to magix movie edit pro 17 plus. I have few ideas for using “3D video editing with Magix”. I cannot wait to PLAY WITH 3D VIDEO EDITING with MAGIX…Anyway here's my email adress in case I win. Thank you Ron

  • I am an old Magix Audio Cleanning user, love Magiz software because is extremely easy to use and very proffesional result, but I never use the Magix Video editing before, sounds very exciting the 3D editing, maybe I will be a future user of Magix Movie Editing.

  • I want to do some 3D video editing with MAGIX! I have 3 3D cameras Aiptek i2, Fuji W1 and a Minoru 3D webcam. This software sounds awesome, can't wait to get my hands on it! I vow to make awesome 3D videos with FEROCIOUS BEASTS CLAWING THROUGH YOUR SCREEN! (or at least a 20 pound house cat) STRANGE ALIEN BEINGS SO REAL YOU CAN TOUCH THEM! (there is definitely a new life form growing in my kitchen sink) and ACTION SO DEATH DEFYING YOU'LL HAVE TO BE STRAPPED IN! (life will have new meaning after you've taken a ride with my Mother) YOU WILL BE AMAZED AND ASTOUNDED AT THE BREATHTAKING GRANDEUR AND EPIC WONDER OF….
    MAGIX-VISION 3-D! (can I get an amen?)

  • 3D video editing with MAGIX will help bring my memories to life as I experience family videos like never before possible!

  • After using MAGIX 16 for 2D editing and experiencing how it blew away all of my earlier “professional” programs, I am excited to get my hands busy with 3D video editing with MAGIX 17.

  • I have edited over 200 video's with Magix Edit Pro 15 plus and I have not found any other program that even comes close and the price now were talking a bargin by any standard.

  • short and sweet, i have had a gopro hero camera for almost a year now and have not found a program worth using for editing. i am ordering the 3D housing for the camera and would love to do some “3D video editing with MAGIX” with a useful program. Thank You for your time.

  • I recently bought a Panasonic TM7oo HD camcorder and just found out there is a new 3D lens attachment now available for it … not much point if you can't edit the footage. I also recently discovered that you can do 3D video editing with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 HD…. shame I haven't got a 3D TV… maybe Magix will award me a free copy so with the money I save on software I can put towards the hardware …. aaah the wonders of technology – what next …. HD 3D Smellivision !

  • I haven't had a chance to do any 3D video editing with MAGIX. but as a happy customer of Movie Pro Plus 15, I'm sure it will be powerful, fun and easy.

  • 3D… At last!

    The movie industry is once again undergoing a revolution that will redefine its very essence. 3D movies are no longer a technical curiosity – expensive to produce and available for showing only in “selected theatres”.

    In technical terms, the new, accessible 3D technology is a game changer. Moviemakers have little choice but to master this exciting cinematographic tool – a tool that finally makes it possible to watch movies the way we watch things happening before our own eyes.

    The new Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus by MAGIX is something of a revolution in itself. No other consumer-level NLE software gives its users to the ability to make professionally looking 3D film!!!

    3D video editing with MAGIX brings the fruits of this technological revolution to your home. Equipped with a 3D-capable camcorder and this excellent software, you will have the ability to save the precious moments like never before. The first clumsy steps of your children or their first driving lesson when they are older… the exotic trip you have always dreamt of… the honeymoon with someone you love… these events will finally be recorded they way they deserve – as epic, momentous moments that give your life “depth”.

    Make it happen with Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus.

  • I want to record monkeys at the zoo, but in realistic definition! How would I do so? Well, Magix Movie Edit Pro, of course! I can just sense the wonderful feeling of monkeys making such peculiar sounds, but when I edit it with 3D video editing with MAGIX, the whole entire experience will make the monkeys pop out! So they will be yelling, or eating bananas in 3D!

    My email address:

  • As Long Time Magix Movie Edid Pro Software, I realy love the Idea of “3D video editing with MAGIX” , This going to be The The Real Thing in HD Fun , It will be The Ultimate Experience to Enjoy the World and our Memories , Just Few clicks, and the 3D video editing with MAGIX Engine will Do the Rest of the Magic.
    OK, Ready , Set and GO 3D video editing with MAGIX.

    Johnatan Davidor
    ( i am real Eager to get “3D video editing with MAGIX” , THANKS!!!!!!!!!! )

  • Movies are now in 3D, and seem to be all the “rage”. Soon, video games will be in 3D. I run a gaming site, CoffeewithGames, and do video editing for game-play videos. I am currently trying out the 30 day trial for MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17, as I'm ready to incorporate more features into my videos.

    Perhaps, 3D video editing with MAGIX will allow me to bring videos promoting video games to life, in new ways!


  • I have been taking 3D pictures since the late 1960s, and now with my Fuji 3D camera I am looking forward to making HD 3D movies. It is great that MAGIX has made 3D editing available now.

  • I been a loyal since my first Movie Magix 12 and I would not change it for no other editing sofware Can wait to try the new Movie Magix 17 ..

  • Wow, never worked with 3D before but with this new version I would get a chance to “3D video editing with MAGIX” I just do regular family videos and once a year a season DVD for our cheer squad here in Los Angeles! It would be great to do something like that on “3D video editing with MAGIX” please give me the chance to try out the new software!!!!!


    Pride All Stars

  • Congratulations Wojciech and 3DMOVIEMAN! We'll be getting in touch with you right away to send you guys free packages of Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus! We hope you enjoy it!

    Also, thank you to everyone else who participated. There were so many good comments this time! We hope that you guys will keep checking back on the site or follow our UK and North American Twitter accounts, to participate in the next contest, coming soon.

  • Hi ! I am an enthusisast in video editing, not very old. When I found Magix Movie Edit Pro and Magix Video Pro X on net and tried its trial versions, instatntly I fell in love with this software. I have few freinds, professional in video editing, who edit on Final Cut. When I told them about this software to try. They found it very good and advance. After hearing about the 3D video editing with MAGIX, in new avtaar as Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus, I am very excited and waiting for it. Presntly I am using Magix Movie Edit Pro Silver and can able to edit videos in par with my professional friends, editing on Final Cut or Adobe. Here in India very few people know about Magix editing softwares, they only trust on products someone used and aprooves it. I am very much confident that people in my country, who are looking for 3D video editing solution, will like this product and I can proudly recommened it to friends.

    Well wishes to the team!



    email: .

    • Thanks so much for your enthusiasm Prashant! We're really glad that you enjoy and would recommend the software. I must tell you that this contest has already ended, but we will be having another one in a few weeks.

      If you have a twitter account, you should follow us for continuous updates on new contests and info from magix: MAGIX_UK or MAGIX_NA

      Looking forward to hearing back from you in the next contests!

    • Hi Micahschobey,

      This contest has regrettably already ended. We would love to have you enter our next contest in a couple weeks. Thanks so much for your participation!


  • Congratulations to Wojciech for winning the first contest. Has he posted any samples of 3D work created with his reward copy? I'd like to see.

    Magix is the first video editing publisher to claim support for video shot by the Panasonic HDC-TM700 or new TM750 models, whose 1920×1080 60p MP4 video is not possible to edit except on advanced or expensive tools. I am anxious to examine what Magix Movie Edit 17 Pro can do with this video, or with the 60p video shot with some DSLRs, such as the Panasonic GH2 or Canon 7D.

    3D video editing with MAGIX would be very interesting to test too. The scarcity of tools to edit or share such video is a serious constraint to sales of 3D videocams. Thus far, none of the large software firms has offered consumers a product to peform this task.

    HD video editing requires significant learning and patience. 3D video requires additional care. Were I equipped with a 3D-capable editor, my first 3D experiment would be to mount my two 2D HD videocams on a tripod and shoot some sequences of sporting events, stage performances, and bustling streets under good light and at prescribed distances. Several ideal events will occur shortly in my area, and I'd be elated to have a copy of Magix 17 to edit and post the results for others to see.

    I have no prior experience with Magix products, but have gone through the learning curve with multiple competing video editing tools, and have the requisite hardware (i7 system, BD burner, etc). I don't yet have a real 3D display, but would first see what is possible using the red-cyan approach and a 2D HDTV. These sorts of samples could be the bridge to entice people to buy authentic 3D systems, especially as prices fall. Right now, the chicken-egg dilemma is lack of 3D content an lack of 3D tools to create the content.

    • I just wanted to confirm for you that all of the models are indeed compatible with our software. This is what our product manager had to say: 'A big “YES” to 60p recordings. We support the framerate and the DSLR cameras (such as the GH2) as well.'

      It seems that you already know all about it, but I just wanted to be completely positive!

  • My first video editing was Roxio Creator. It's a very basic software, not flexible. This MAGIX Movie Edit pro 17 plus impress me a lot with many features and possibilities and now with “3D video editing with MAGIX” i can reedit my video to a another level … WOW

  • I suppose you could call it the cycle of life. A proposition at a funeral turned into my earning business for a wedding. I contracted with a proud father to produce a movie short about his engaged to be married daughter. While the movie would be a priceless wedding gift, it would also be showcased for invited guests at the silver spoon reception.

    The truck that pulled up in my driveway this past June speaks to the scale of this project that started from scratch. The father unloaded tote containers, cardboard boxes and shopping bags from his truck. The thought about his trust turning over precious memories overwhelmed my sense of responsibility. My library quickly filled with someone else’s possessions. Dismantled pictures literally taken from mantels, collages lowered from walls, thousands of loose and binded photographs, scrapbooks boasting report cards, newspaper clippings, artwork, writing samples…now all lined up next to my scanner for me to individually scan.

    The shoeboxes of videotapes seemed the logical starting point. I had to become intimately familiar with the contents of each home movie on VHS tape. I had to overcome the awkward feeling that I was invading privacy. While our brains register a history stamp with people we know, watching a girl grow up before me who I never met played tricks on my mind. After remote viewing twenty-five years of a stranger's life, the VHS tapes had to be converted to DVD then uploaded to movie making software on my computer…where the real work began.

    Other than interviewing the father in depth, the movie was a Rosetta Stone. The daughter did supply a preferred song list for the soundtrack but this project would be done without meeting the bride or the groom. I sat in a dark room taking notes on a clipboard trying to get a game plan of how to cover the life of a bride not at the exclusion of the groom. The challenge, the adventure, laid before me…Could my editing skills stream pictures and video together of lives who I had not met? Could I mold and tell a compelling visual story from this media?

    I now know the answer to those questions but it took me four months of production work at my desktop computer to make a short called Big Days using Magix software. At an upcoming wedding reception at The Mansions in Voorhees, NJ, my thirty-minute movie will premier on a big screen television. In retrospect, it was both a labor of love and a business deal. If I were ever to become a wedding crasher, this would be the event. I would bring plenty of tissues and business cards. I still get emotional when I watch it. The first movie I sold outright is a real tearjerker. Just think what I could do with 3D video editing with Magix.

    • What you did with the old VHS tapes, pictures etc is what I am doing. Please help me decide if magix is best?  Have your tried other editors to compare with.  Im impressed with what few tutorials I’ve seen they are very limited.  Want to do some for us newbies? 

  • Well, I ma interested in video overlay and video inserts over the audio. In other words, lay down the audio track first then synchronize the video on top of the audio such that the video inserts will match the audio.

  • In my world of working with realtors, the daily chatter is about video. Video this…video that…what is the best software…can I learn to use it? With all of their questions I thought it is time to check out what is new with Magix's software applications. Based on what I've read and soon to access, I believe Magix has positioned itself to catch the video wave from beginners, to professionals. I'm excited… should be too!

  • I have been using Movie Edit Pro for some time now. I first purchased it to burn home movies that were building up and I needed a way of storing, organizing and enjoying them. I started about eight years ago, not real serious but as the new versions came out the software became easier to use. The help and training I get with M.E.P. users group made it even better. Therefor using this software has become a hobby of mine and look forward to what Magix is going to do next. I am using ver. 15+. Maybe Santa will send me a up grade?

  • I started out making movies a couple of years ago with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 10, graduated to 12 and last year my wife bought me Version 15 for Christmas. I have truly enjoyed making our family movies fun and interesting with Movie Edit Pro. Now the opportunity to use “3D video editing with MAGIX” brings on a whole new set of possibilities. My kids, age 6 & 7 love seeing themselves in all our videos. Now, 3D, our home movies will be spectacular. Thanks for the great products! Keep the new ideas coming.
    Richard Miller
    Saskatchewan, Canada


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