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Contest: Win MAGIX Xara Web Designer 6

Contest: Win MAGIX Xara Web Designer 6

Have you always thought it was time to open a website to promote your business? Do you have a great passion and feel that it’s time to share it with others? With Web Designer it’s easy to set everything up and be online in no time. Web Designer 6 lets you draw web pages with incredible ease, editing, adding graphics and optimizing your site exactly to your needs.

With Web Designer 6 everything is just easier!

With Designer you can create web sites of the highest professional quality, with beautiful text layouts, Web graphics, image optimization, animation creation and flexible publishing in one product . Read more here!

The rules of competition are easy, as always: leave a comment that includes the phrase “Web Designer 6” to win one of two copies of our software.

Out of all the comments left on the blog by March 16th, we will choose two: the most original, interesting, and creative ideas for a website will be rewarded with a copy of Web Designer 6!

Join the competition immediately and if you’re a fan, follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep updated!


  • Web Designer 6 – If i won i would design a website for my online radio. We currently use Twitter & Facebook to get word around and use someone elses website to stream the radio, it would be nice if we were able to share everything about the radio on one page. I just really dont have the time to be creating a website between school and work. If this software is as easy as it looks, this would be perfect for me :)

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  • I would proudly use Web Designer 6 to create a website for my artwork. I have been having a lot of success in my town but I want to spread the word to bigger cities like New York or London. I would keep the layout simple and let my artwork do most of the talking. Please pick me!

  • I would use Web Designer 6 to showcase and provide a means of learning 3D design and animation. I would make it to where the layout and theme would fit just right for the design of the site, and have some 3D creators that work in blender, Maya 2011, 3DS max, Cinema 4D, and many more come to my website so we can teach and show off our finished products, and works in progress, and provide help if necessary.

  • I am a blogger… and am always looking to update my blogs webpage with a design more like me. With Web Designer 6 Im sure that I will be able to get my page to be 100% me! and not have to rely on other people to guess what kind of person ME is!

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    • Also, the Website would be dedicated to all nerds but have subsections for teh High School Nerd, the college years, you graduated and now live in your mothers basement, and fat, bald and nerdy- Do not buy that Russian Mail Order Bride.

  • I can't imagine any website without Web Designer 6. Even Novice will find easy to start making website with Web Designer 6. No one can hesitate to enter this world since they have a copy of Web Designer 6.

  • I really hope to win Web Designer 6. I would create our own website for our upcomming wedding and even let people rsvp and invite guests through our website instead of sending out invitations. I would also set up a pay pal account on our site to allow our guests to give ua our wedding gifts. There is nothing more than cash!! This would be so awesome to win our whole wedding will be totally virtual !!!!!!!!!

  • I've been a fan and user of Xara's graphics application, so I can just imagine how great Web Designer 6 will be.

    • I've been giving this some more thought. As for an idea of how this could be used, I think teachers in general could really shine with this product. They typically don't have time to learn to program or the inclination, but they do have an abundance of keeping their students engaged in their studies. With Web Designer 6 I can see a winning combination of bringing that desire with what this app can offer. Everybody remembers the cool teacher. :)

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  • I would like to win this amazing price cause I am a HUGE fan of pancakes with marple sirup and I think it would be nice to dedicate a website on this ART of making it. Even I am better in the kitchen rather than with my Pc, I guess with Web Designer 6 I could manage to open my own website! xoxo

  • I use Magix edit pro 17 for my video work,and I am seriously thinking about using Magix web designer 6 to sell my products-

  • And the images flew to the screen through clicks and scrolls, music sprang forth and visions of dreams, all too real, appeared quickly at the wizards fingertips. Those who saw his creations giggled in awe and jealousy. They said he had magic, and they were correct. Magix Web Designer 6.

  • I've always have been using MAGIX Softwares and “The Web Designer 6” it'll be a great a addition for my library. Anything I can imagine I'll be possible using your software. My web page it'll be dynamic and in sync with music. Attached will be different videos on how to create video clips for amateurs whom like to sing, creating special effects with chroma key, or simply a start on how to edit videos. It'll be a guidance for all of the above and it'll be called “video tips”.

  • Thank you everyone for participating! You guys came up with some great ideas and we are so happy to see that you guys are excited about Web Designer 6!

    I would like to congratulate our winners:

    We will be hosting another contest to win MAGIX Movie Edit Pro in two weeks, so check back!

    Have a great day,

    MAGIX Team

  • Hey Magix its 2012 and I’ve been using your software since Magic Music Maker 6 came out and I was in Highschool I understand promotion I do. However I am an up an coming producer who has used Magix products for every Media related assignment. Magix got me started as a sound engineer, I do Album covers, children’s audio books, Music videos, YouTube shows, Jingles, web design before you even came out with a web design software. I love your stuff and I have to be honest I need your help. I realized that I could keep getting the demo versions and having my buddy’s get the crack anymore. Even when we cracked the program we never got the fully loaded experience. Man if I had a chance or just a contest to use each Demo to put together a promotional Video for Magix to win full version programs of my choice out of 3 you would be blown away. But unfortunately I dont challenge me I know more about some of your software then your magix team. Here’s my proposal: if I can show your team possibilities and ground breaking new age results with your product that you haven’t even thought of I get to join the team. Your software is off the chain its for genius’s …Its been the poor mans Hollywood equiptment that makes my work fly. You know I’m not lying….oh and if you gave me the Web design I’d come out with a website called Above and Beyond Magix. Where the users challenge the software team at their own software. Man we gotta do it live. The consumers versus the Engineers. This could even be a reality show I’m just so bored and I really want to see Magix bump to leading software. Reason why ….well I went into a music store four years ago with a friend of my mine who was a poet and he asked a Music department personnel in the store if they had The new Magix and they laughed at him and said Magic they can’t possible mix or edit and all this stuff. I stood at the distance and laughed like you don’t get it. Protocols GarGe band all theses guys are monkeys following a banana. Magic is upancoming I do all my editing and mixing and everything I said. I’ve worked for Record Companies and the producers constantly ask me what I use to get my distinctive sound. You know what I do? I school em hehe heh. Anyway I’m setting the bar Magix is the new standard is simply and technical at the same time. Thank you guys without you I would have never been able to call myself a producer. I really been researching you guys a lot. Please respond and challenge me as a consumer.
    I like that you guys don’t have the same boundaries as other production software in all you areas. So if your looking for a user that can do some depth defying stuff with your software me and my team of software nerds are your guys. I want to be your software mascot. How about putting a contest together for the poster person or a chance to be a part of the team. Seriously I’m not joking

    Every Magician is a Rookie with Magix-

    Lets just say our software is a bit more then unbelievable-

    Scientist say Magix must have been put together by people who use rare parts of the brain.

    Hey guys I’ll see you soon ain’t nothing free right….here’s my resume get ready to do a story and put your software in magazines you never heard of. I’m the next Era. Studying the next ground breaking companies to evovle. And right now You guys and Logitech are next you need to evovle if not merge you guys work well together you could even sell kits lol……anyway… guys may just laugh and forget what its like to be on the side like this no biggie Great job making Media interface and Intel attainable for so many technicians such as myself. I’d love to show you my work.

    Email: PeculiarInspirations@Gmail. Com
    My name is Lael Westmoreland thank you either way you’ve already done enough. God bless you guys to be permitted to achieve more In Jesus Name Amen peace guys….good working wcha…..Later Boss lol…..

  • The web designer made for web designer. The most amazing web designer. Easy to use and amazing interface. Web designing made easy with Xara. Go xara go!


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