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Create a video profile using MAGIX Video easy

Create a video profile using MAGIX Video easy

Video profiles are an effective way of presenting yourself, no matter if it’s for applications or just your Facebook friends. Today I’m going to show you how to create a short but powerful video profile using MAGIX Video easy in no time at all, even if you have no previous experience.

Getting started:

First off, you should think about which profession or area you want to gear your profile towards. Many people think they know everything about a certain subject, but they’re worried showing this will result in them being labeled as boring. That’s not so bad. Either make a video that reflects your character or just leave out the parts you don’t consider particularly interesting. Have a think about what interests you and how you could include that in the video. My video will show you that it’s not about presenting yourself perfectly. A mindmap might be useful to get a clear idea of all the possibilities.

The subject of my short video is “Recognizing and demonstrating strengths”. Partly because lots of people aren’t aware what they can do and what makes them special and also because I can present myself to friends using my new video profile.

You can now start filming using your mindmap or storyboard minutes, descriptions of scenes and stage directions if you need more prefer more details.

The real creative fun starts when you’re done recording and have a copy of MAGIX Video easy to hand.

Working with Video easy:

Once you’ve done all the tasks above I recommend you start by taking a look at the introduction video. This video will clear up some important issues in moments.

Shortcut for the introduction video: Ctrl + F1

Now we’re at the stage of putting your scenes into the program. Use the Wizard, which opens automatically when Video easy is started, or select files from a folder and drag it onto the video bar.

You can arrange your clips in the video bar. Beneath it is the audio bar.

You can change the order of the clips by clicking (and holding) a scene and moving it where you want. You can also edit the clips’ length to fit your video. In the examples below you can see a bar with a marker for the start (1), for the end (2) and one for your current position (outlined in orange). If you only want to cut off a few seconds from the beginning or the end just move markers 1 and 2 to the desired spot. If you want to cut a scene move the orange outlined marker to the desired spot then click on the “Scissors” icon. You’ll see that there are now more scenes in the video bar, use the “Del” button to remove scenes from you video completely.

This bar is located beneath every clip in large view.

Once you’ve arranged everything in the right order you can start adding transitions. Click on the “+” sign in between two clips. A new window will appear in which you can select transition type, length and where the effect should be applied.

I found lots of cool transitions under “Extras”.

You can also use a filter on any clips. Lots of people will be familiar with this technique from photography. Using a small algorithm your video clip can be made to look really old. Zoom effects can also be set using filters. Go to “Video effects” for a full list of little tricks.

Colors and messages:

I will take a moment to mention all the possibilities there are for adding color and text to your video. Have you ever noticed your videos with a funny “tint” to them? Test out the color and contrast faders in the “Set Object” menu to find the exact effect you’re looking for (see video).

Add text or messages by going to the “Titles and Text” menu: select font, size and color. The positioning cross is important. Use the arrows to choose where the text should go.

At the end you can add music too. Add the file you want using the music symbol. Most of the program’s features are self-explanatory, which made it really fun to play around with this movie editing software. I hope I was able to help you and that you’re happy with your finished product.

Here is mine by the way :)

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