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MAGIX Fastcut: Create your own editing templates

MAGIX Fastcut: Create your own editing templates

As you probably already know, Fastcut edits your videos completely automatically in just seconds. Now, the latest update gives you the option to create your own templates. This means more creative freedom, be it in music, beat or frequency: your video, your rules.
The following short article explains what you should look out for and how it all works in practice.

Templates to your own liking

1) Select clips

Open Fastcut and select “Create new video project” from the menu. Now locate the footage you want to use and select it with a checkmark before clicking on the blue “Next” button.


2) Create your own template

You now have the option of selecting an existing template for your video. Various filters should be of help.
If you can’t find just what you need, you can create your own template via the “Create own template” menu at the top right.

First, select the desired track for your video.


When choosing music, songs with a prominent beat are probably the best fit, as you can easily make your cuts go with the rhythm. In our example, we picked the new Tropical House Soundpool as the template track.

When you’ve made sure that the music’s right, it’s time to move on to the most important part of the process. First, choose an image from your own collection that you’d like to use as a thumbnail in the program. Try to pick something that goes well with the name and sound of the template. In our case, palm trees and sun fit like a glove! Below you can select the genre for your template and give it a cool name as well as a concise description.

Now, it’s time to focus on the editing. In the preview window, you’ll see the Timeline, where you can check playback and listen to the audio track. You can perform the cut using the drumstick symbol during playback, ideally making it fall to the beat of the music.

Then, click on “Create template” and you get your own template!


3) Selecting the template and creating a movie

You can now find your template at the very top of the template list. If you’ve already created many templates, you’ll find these in the “Custom templates” folder. The Favorites function ensures a better overview: simply select your favorite templates by clicking on the heart symbol, and you’ll spend less time searching.

Last, but not least, click “Create movie”, and you’ll have a film created with your own customized template.


Put your own style in the spotlight with Fastcut

Be it vacation videos or the latest hiking tour with your sports club – Fastcut always gives you the perfect video to share with friends and family. So don’t waste any more time and download the latest Fastcut version!


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