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Create scary Facebook profile pictures

Create scary Facebook profile pictures

Halloween, the festival of ghosts and ghouls is fast approaching, and people in Germany are thinking about how to spend this special day. Costumes are being tracked down, gatherings and scary parties organized. At some point costumes are finalized, locations found and invitations sent. The only thing missing now is the appropriately scary profile picture for social network sites such as Facebook or Google+. With some simple image editing, regular (often boring) profile pictures can be given a spooky edge – perfect for Halloween.

When people turn to vampires

With the image editing software Xara Photo & Graphic Designer any image can be given a scary look in just a few clicks. Faces and facial proportions can be altered with the “Fluid colors” effect, giving them an unnerving, frightening quality. Give them vampire-like teeth, disconcertingly large pupils or pointy ears. Once the original image has been loaded in the software the effect can be applied by going to “Live effects” > “Distortion filter” > “Fluid colors”. Now, the faces can be distorted into new spooky versions using effects such as “Shrink”, “Grow” or “Pull”. If at any point something does go wrong, previous steps can be undone. MAGIX offers Funpix Maker as a free alternative for download for all those people who don’t own Photo & Graphic Designer. The freeware contains all the functions needed to create the perfect halloween profile picture for Facebook or Google+.

Example pictures


Aanor joined the MAGIX team in September 2013. Her studies have taken her from a small French town to Cologne and Berlin. She spends most of her free time walking around the city, discovering odd places, taking pictures and editing them. She also shares her Berlin experiences on a French blog and a podcast radio show.


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