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How-To: Create a song with the iPhone app Music Maker Jam

How-To: Create a song with the iPhone app Music Maker Jam

The first step is the easiest:
Download and start jamming

Music Maker Jam is now available on iOS for iPhone. Follow along as I show you how to install the app on your iPhone and then how to create your own very first professional track without any previous production experience. First, make your way to the App Store and search for Music Maker Jam. The app is just about 270 MB and can quickly be downloaded when your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Once the app is finished downloading, it’s time to get started. Open the app to get started right away with your first song by selecting one of the four available genres. Of course, I picked Rock 😉

Genres_music maker jam

After picking a genre, you will see a short tutorial which you can close at any time in the upper left corner. Once you’re done going through the tutorial, you’ll come to the mixer screen, where you will find all of the app’s functions and can start to let your creative juices flow. Here, you can start/pause your song, select loops and instruments and adjust their volumes.

Tip: Discover new musical genres by combining different music styles with the loop selector!

Tutorial MMJ iPhone_INT music maker jam

After selecting the right instruments and loops, tap on the music note in the upper left corner. Here, you can determine the structure (intro, verse, bridge, chorus, hook or refrain) and adjust the pitch (either live or in auto-mode). Want to add another cool effect to your song? The select the frequency symbol on the top left. This can be applied even during live recordings with a tap or swipe.

Record & share

Your song it just about done. Now it just needs to be recorded. Simply go back to the tab with the song’s structure, click on the double circle in the top right corner and start recording your song. You can even make adjustments while you’re jamming. Tap the record button again to finish the recording.

Inapp_EN music maker jam

Now it’s time to show the world what you got and share the awesome songs on your iPhone with the community on Facebook, SoundCloud or YouTube.

Home Screen – All possibilities at a glance

There are three options to choose from in the main menu: Make music, My music and More styles. Under My music you get an overview of available music styles, projects and recordings. Select Make music to immediately get started with a new session. If you can’t quite find just the right style you’re looking for, simply go to More styles, where you can choose from more than 70 music styles. Four lite styles come included with the app and you can download two additional style packs for free.

Homescreen_music maker jam

Don’t have Music Maker Jam on your smartphone yet? Then download the app now for free for iOS, Android or Windows!

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