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Create the perfect winter video soundtrack in just three steps

Create the perfect winter video soundtrack in just three steps

A suitable soundtrack will make any slideshow or video stand out from the crowd. Why not get straight to it using your own material? For soundtracks it starts to get really interesting once you have imported the raw video footage into the video editing program or optimized the photos.

For lots of people winter footage is special because it is often rare and unique. Footage of places with spectacular views in particular should most definitely be accompanied by a suitable soundtrack. It’s quite likely that only a few of you have worked on soundtracks for winter videos. At this point i’d like to reassure any newcomers that it’s easy to create the perfect soundtrack using MAGIX Movie Edit Pro. In three easy steps you can achieve truly incredible results.

1. The basic framework

First, the user should know in advance what kind of mood the video is aiming to create. This depends largely on the footage itself. The most popular videos usually feature sports of some kind or wintery mysticism, plus some happy moments. This can obviously vary from video to video. It is often the case that the weather in the photo or video is a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a suitable soundtrack. Nothing works better with cloudy, snow-capped peaks than brooding, mysterious music.

2. Making the soundtrack

There are endless options for creating soundtracks. Many private users select their favorite music from their personal media library. Though this can lead to problems if you want to upload your video to portals such as YouTube – to avoid this you should use license-free content. Vimeo, for example, provides lots of songs specifically for this purpose.

The easiest option of all is to use the Soundtrack Maker feature in Movie Edit Pro. Simply go to “Edit” “Wizards” “Soundtrack Maker” [Ctrl+Shift+S].

soundtrack wintervideo screen1 Create the perfect winter video soundtrack in just three steps

The first thing to do is select a music style. For action packed scenes such as downhill sections, sled rides or snowball fights we recommend “Sportive (Bigbeat)”. Fast rhythms are good at accentuating quick moves in videos, which adds a dramatic edge. The selected music can now be previewed. The user can choose when the music in a scene should stop by using the “Set mood change” option. This allows you to define how long a sequence should be accompanied by music.

soundtrack wintervideo screen2 1024x622 Create the perfect winter video soundtrack in just three steps

3. The final check

Do all the scenes work? At the end it is important to thoroughly check whether the video works as a whole. Does the music transition at the right time, do the edits and scenes fit together? At this time it is also important to check the soundtrack, as in many areas of editing the golden rule “less is more” applies here too. The soundtrack should complement the video and not distract attention away from it. Once you’re happy with everything it is time to can export the finished product.


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