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Create your own newsletters and flyers – part 1

Create your own newsletters and flyers – part 1

Nearly every company or organization has newsletters. But rarely do they look professional. Often people type a few pieces of text in MS Word, add a few pictures and call it a newsletter. With Xara Photo & Graphic Designer you can enhance your appearance and make professional newsletters. Moreover, it works flawlessly and quick, and the results are perfect. Note that not only do the contents have to be good, you also have to present it in an attractive and orderly manner. A lot of companies outsource this to a publicity agency, but that may cost you more than its worth. I’ll let you in on a little secret that shows you that you can easily present your own company to the world with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.

After loading the program, choose the option Brochures and occasional papers. On the right-hand side you’ll find a gallery where you can choose a design. In this example we’ll create a newsletter together. On the right side of the screen, click on the folder with the text ‘brochures, flyers (leaflet, pamphlet??) and newspapers’. The menu pops out and lets you browse through the many possibilities. When you’ve made a final choice, double click it and your choice will be displayed on the main screen. Now it’s time to fill the newsletter with contents and adapt it to your own taste.

The big advantage with Photo & Graphic Designer is that you don’t need any HTML- or DTP experience whatsoever. We have now chosen a theme and will now amplify the newsletter. Preferably use personalized stuff, it shows that you have made an effort. But that’s entirely up to you. Now you may edit the texts that come with the template either by typing in the template or by pasting the text into the template. You can do the same with the header. I simply clicked the header and replaced it with my own text. It couldn’t be easier. This will seem familiar to users of MAGIX Web Designer, because essentially it is the same process.

We want to replace the photo on top of the page with one of our own choice. Do that by pressing ‘disc design’ on the top right side of the gallery and browse to the folder which contains the image(s) you want to use. The entire folder will now be visible in Photo & Graphic Designer. If you scroll downwards, you can see a new blue folder which has the same name as the folder you imported your images from. Open this folder and drag-and-drop your image to the the top of the newsletter. If the image is too big Photo & Graphic Designer will prompt you to downsize the image. This is advisable if you want to send the newsletter by e-mail. Photo & Graphic Designer will now import and integrate the image into the newsletter. You have now made the first step towards making a professional newsletter. We will continue in the next article.

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