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Create your own newsletters and flyers – Part 3

Create your own newsletters and flyers – Part 3

In this the final part in our series on creating newsletters and flyers we will go a little step further in designing an attractive newsletter. When doing this, it’s good to know what possibilities you have with MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer. To get the most out of your software, I advise you to have a look at the tutorial videos, which you can find under the ‘Help’ button. Loads of useful tips and tricks are explained here step by step. In the first two articles we started making our own newsletter. Now we will focus on the layout a little more. You can design the layout all by yourself, but for the sake of convenience we will use a template. In this case we will use the template ‘Technical’.

We double-click on it and the template will load. You will see a few shapes that contain images. We will replace these images with our own. Do this by right-clicking on a random image and clicking ‘replace photo’. Browse to the directory where your photo is located and import it. The software will ask you whether to import the image in full or reduced quality. If you want to send the newsletter around by e-mail it’s probably best to choose the reduced quality option. If you want to print it out and send hard-copies you may want to choose the full quality option.

After having imported the image it will become visible in the newsletter. Do this with all the images you wish to replace. If you like this particular feature of the template you can also select the parts of it that you like and copy it into another newsletter. But first we are going to add a shadow to the pictures. Do this by clicking the shadow tool on the left side of the screen (also possible by pressing the CTRL + F2 buttons). Move the mouse to the image of your choice and sweep the mouse over it. The shadow will now become visible.

Now that we have added a shadow we import the images into the newsletter. Hold down the shift-button, click all images and press ‘copy’. Open the newsletter you were working on, right-click and press ‘paste’, the photo’s will now be inserted into the newsletter. You can adjust its size by dragging the little squares at the sides around, so that it looks like a unified layout. You can still adapt images, replace them, add edges and drag-and-drop them around the template. MAGIX Photo and Graphic Designer knows no boundaries when it’s about being creative!

To conclude, I would advise you to tick the box ‘Display starter again’. This ensures that you don’t need to start MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer every time again if you want to do something. It will simply prompt you what to do next when you’ve closed a module. The bar on the bottom is the favorites bar, you can adapt this to your wishes by dragging shortcuts to it.

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