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Creating collages & creative background design

Creating collages & creative background design

Creating picture-in-picture recordings in Movie Edit Pro is simple thanks to the many presets available in the Media Pool’s “Effects” tab. I explained how to create picture-in-picture effects in a previous articles of mine. But Movie Edit Pro offers another great option. Actually, there is more than one option. First, let’s focus on creating collages. A collage is also a picture-in-picture presentation, only that here several images are arranged in a creative way. It’s surprisingly easy and quick.

As usual, drag image material into the timeline. Movie Edit Pro provides 32 tracks, 99 in the PLUS version. At the beginning, most users will not use more than two or three tracks. However, once you get more familiar with the software you will come to appreciate the large number of tracks available. In this example, we will use ten tracks to create a collage. We need these tracks not only for the collage as such, but also for titles and music.

First, select the images that you want to add to the collage and then arrange them in the timeline one after another. Click on the “Effects” tab in the Media Pool. In the menu that opens, go to “Design elements” and click on “Collages”. A number of options are available, but how to decide which one to choose? It’s easiest just to click through the different options. Click on a collage and then on the Play button below the preview monitor to generate a preview of the effect. This is how I will proceed in our example: in addition to the master shot, I will also use three picture-in-picture collages. I could do so manually, but why make things more difficult if the program can do everything automatically?

I will click on the collage of my choice and drag it to the beginning of my master shot. Movie Edit Pro automatically adds the three subsequent takes and puts them together including fade-ins. The result: an animated picture-in-picture effect. Not what you wanted? Simply undo the steps and try out a different collage – there are more than enough to choose from.

Another great feature in Movie Edit Pro is “Background design”. Right-click on a take in the timeline and select “Background design”. A selection is displayed to make a different color visible behind the video image or to insert a different moving image. I will select the second option “Use image file” and am presented with different backgrounds to choose from. Make your choice and click on “OK”. Nothing is visible yet. Go to “Size & Position” in the “Effects” tab. I will select “3D design” and then drag on the orange squares to reduce the size of the image. Now we can see how the selected image is displayed as a background image. It’s up to you how creative you want to be – Movie Edit Pro offers many options, that’s for sure!

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