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Creating Stunning Panoramic Photos

Creating Stunning Panoramic Photos

How often have you admired a landscape or amazing scene, only to find that your camera can’t take a wide angle photo? There’s a quick and easy way to solve this problem! Simply take a series of photos and stitch them together to create a panoramic image in just a few clicks. Learn how it’s done in this step by step tutorial.

Tips for taking photos to use in the panorama

Here are some tips for creating a panoramic photo. Stand still with both feet firmly on the ground and hold your camera in both hands to avoid shaking. Take pictures by moving the camera slowly around you as if you’re following a horizontal line. Imagine that you are the tripod stand around which the camera is rotating. Make sure that the photos you take overlap a little. If your camera has a manual metering mode, you can use it to ensure that the exposure on all of your series of photos remains constant.
Once you’ve taken a few nice shots, you can start to create a panoramic image.

Creating a panoramic image

With Xara Photo & Graphic Designer or Xara Designer Pro X, you can stitch up to six photos into one panorama photo. Drag & drop your photos from your computer folder into the program to load them. Position the photos in the correct order so that they overlap in roughly the right place. The recordings don’t need to form an accurate sequence with edges that join perfectly together. It doesn’t matter if some are arranged higher and lower than the others.

Panorama recordings photos harbor landscape

To select all images, use the selector tool to drag out a rectangle around all the photos. Now click the Panorama tool in the Photo tool drop down menu (in the top left of the editing area in the screenshots). That’s it! The program will now process the photos to create a panoramic image and you can see its progress in the bar that appears top right in the program interface.

Panorama recordings photos harbor landscape

The program automatically detects the joins and creates seamless blended edges to give you the perfect panorama. Once the photos are stitched together, the new panoramic image is moved below the existing images.

Panorama recordings photos harbor landscape

Create a stunning panorama photo in seconds

Even if a viewer takes a closer look, they won’t be able to see that a panorama was actually stitched together from several photos– the colors of the sky and the water are aligned so well that it creates the impression that the photo was actually taken in just one shot.
To save your panorama, select it and then go to File > Export and choose a storage format. You can also right-click on the photo to save the panorama under the Export menu. The original photo and the panorama will be saved along with a copy of the original in a master folder.

Panorama recording photo harbor landscape

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