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Creative Girls – Leslie Nachmann

Creative Girls – Leslie Nachmann


Leslie Nachmann is a young host/presenter and works as a journalists for radio and TV. Her career began with her own radio show, called “The White Room”. After completing her Master’s Degree, success didn‘t take long and from 2011 she has been a presenter for the local TV station and hosts a show called “Frühcafé”. Lately, Leslie can also be seen regularly as a news presenter on one of Germany‘s biggest TV stations, Pro7, in their newscast “Newstime”. We present her here and asked her for instance, what role creativity and technology played in her life.

What part do computers play in your life?
That‘s a little tricky to answer. A big role. Initially, I began my career at the radio – the “new media” of my grandparents generation. Together with my studies at the university (literature, politics, history) it actually brought me to the TV – the “new media” of my parents generation. Speaking about the new media of my generation: I can‘t really imagine my life without a smart phone that I can use to check Facebook, news sites and emails. I “borrow” the complete musical repertoire of the world through an online service, watch on demand TV and rent movies at an online video site. To be honest, I am kind of waiting for a webcam with a touch sensor, so I don‘t have to go to the doctor anymore! No, just kidding. Having direct contact to humans is essential. But these new media make life really easy.


Did your skills in working with computers help your career?
I don‘t think so, no. But my skills in working with computers developed during my career. But the more you learn, the more curious you get and the more information you will find and so more possibilities will occur, also for your career. I think that I am part of the generation that learned many things (internet, social media, etc.) from scratch. My kids will be raised with all this being normal. I believe also that it is important to learn how to deal with these things in the right way, because something like social media has its dangers. But in general, I believe: the more skills, the better!

How did working with a computer influence your creativity?
While starting my radio show “The White Room” at JazzRadio Berlin the Internet and its possibility to research so much music really inspired me. But I have also to admit that old mediums like vinyl or CD still give me an almost bodily experience. I hope that experiencing mediums like this is not over too soon.

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What would you suggest to young women, who would like to make a career in digital creativity?
That one is hard for me to answer, since the PC doesn‘t play the most relevant role in my life. For me, it is more an article of daily use. I don‘t know too much about visual/creative jobs. In general, I would advise a young person that is looking for a job to ask questions, like: What do I do good? Where will my curiosity fire up my ambitions naturally? Also, I would be happy to see that young people are less driven by the pressure to perform or to compete, but by an honest passion. In my opinion real happiness lies in the balance between a good private life and a fulfilling job. To reach this, it is worthwhile to think a little bit longer about what you really want to do with your life and maybe even to take a risk!

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