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Creative Girls: Vicki Psarias

Creative Girls: Vicki Psarias

Vicki Psarias is 32 years old and an all-rounder: she blogs, she write scripts, she directs and she was also an editor for an online magazine. We spoke briefly to her to learn more about what role tech and creativity are playing in her life.

What part do computers play in your life?
As a freelance writer/director and blogger, I am often on my computer be it emailing my producer regarding a TV series I have in development (with edited scenes/notes) to keeping up with my twitter feeds (I have two @VickiFilm and @Honestmummy) to writing new posts for my popular blog When my baby and child need me, the computer is turned off though.

Did your skills in working with computers help your career?
Yes without a doubt. Being able to use Final Draft is crucial to my screenwriting career along with WordPress for my blog and generally I can’t imagine my working (or social life) without email/ fb and twitter.

How did working with a computer influence your creativity?
I often write straight into the computer with all of the above, although I have tonnes of notebooks everywhere too. I actually have 3 on my bedside table at the moment as inspiration usually strikes just as I’m about to sleep! I do enjoy writing by hand too, especially if I’ve heard a funny quote or have an idea that needs ntoing down immediately and I’m away from my computer

What would you suggest to young women, who would like to make a career in digital creativity?
I think it is an incredible time to begin a career in digital creativity whether that means launching your own blog to cultivating a career in photography and joining photo agencies online or working on an ezine/website…the options are endless. My website and professional profiles on Linkedin and Twitter have resulted in gaining employment so it’s not only a great platform to create a job for yourself (a professional blog for example) but it’s also a great means to network and generate work. .

What is your favorite MAGIX software and why?
MAGIX Video ProX 4 is my favoutire software which is great to edit on from home videos to pro music videos and promos. It’s easy to use (so great for beginners) as well as seasoned editors with superb end results.

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