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Discovering a Supernova: Some Inspiration to Fulfil those Resolutions

Discovering a Supernova: Some Inspiration to Fulfil those Resolutions

One of the brightest supernovas witnessed on Earth

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? If it was to accomplish anything monumental, then you might be inspired by this ten-year-old Canadian from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Kathryn Aurora Gray has been credited with being the youngest person to discover a new Supernova. Supernovas, explosive deaths of massive stars, only last for a few weeks and can be mistaken for many other cosmic entities. The particular spectacle this young girl found is around 240 million light years away and was much larger than the Sun.

Young Kathryn made this New Year’s discovery assisted by her father, Paul Gray, who is the former title holder. He discovered his first Supernova at the age of 22, but gave up hunting the evanescent light flashes until his daughter asked him if she could try her hand at it. Within the first fifteen minutes of looking at images of the night sky, the young explorer was able to find this uncharted Supernova. Though it wasn’t her New Year’s Resolution, she ended up making this startlingly unusual discovery at the very beginning of 2011.

For more supernova images, visit National Geographic’s online article.

So, go out there and fulfil those resolutions and  enjoy the New Year!

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