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Display your photos to the beat of the music – Musical Editing Adjustment in MAGIX Photostory on DVD.

Display your photos to the beat of the music – Musical Editing Adjustment in MAGIX Photostory on DVD.

With MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD a slideshow can be created in a matter of minutes. The program wizards, templates and automatic help features all combine to speed up the workflow. One of these special automatic features is the “Musical Editing Adjustment” that aligns photos so they are displayed to the beat of the background music. This makes the slideshow flow better and makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience. Here I’ll show you how to apply the Musical Editing Adjustment in MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD MX deluxe in three easy steps.

Starting point: Photos and video clips have already been added. The song that will be the background music is already imported into the music track.

  1. Open the MAGIX Remix Agent

The MAGIX Remix Agent as the Musical Editing Adjustment can be selected in the top tab for “Effects”. You can also use the key command Ctrl + Shift + U. Once the wizard is open you can stay at the top of the upper area of the newly opened window. Here you will be asked step by step if the settings are the ones you want. The first step is the analysis of the song to determine the BPM and beat and to mark it with green highlights. You should pay attention to a few things at this point. If the song has a long intro, the analysis should be started after the intro. Some intros have a different beat than the rest of the song. This can lead to an incorrect analysis.

After the song has been analyzed, the wizard will ask you if the determined beat matches the song. To decide this you’ll have to use your own ears. Do the markings fit with the drums and the general rhythm of the song?

  1. Fine tuning

If the beat doesn’t fit with the song there are options for adjusting the settings manually. You can adjust the tempo or simulate the beat with mouse clicks in the “Tap Tempo” field. After about seven clicks the wizard will adjust the beat to the whole song. In the next step you can check that the metronome clicks are aligned with the bars. If not, you can adjust them with a few clicks. You can also press “Play” at any time to have a listen.





  1. Add beat settings to the slideshow

In the last step the wizard combines all of the settings. When you click on “Apply”, the photo display will be matched to the beat. Depending on the bar, the photos will be displayed for longer or shorter times.

You’ll notice right away that the experience is much more enjoyable when the pictures and the music work in harmony. Have fun with Musical Editing Adjustment!





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