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DIY Christmas: personalized CD / DVD Covers, Labels & Cases

DIY Christmas: personalized CD / DVD Covers, Labels & Cases

The first Christmas carols are on the radio and life size plastic Santa has arrived in all the shops, Christmas time is upon us. Needless to say, it can be a stressful and exhausting month. But don’t fret, we here at MAGIX wish to make your Christmas time as painless and enjoyable as possible thus we’d like to present some time saving tips and tricks. Today we will show you some tips and tricks for making your own CD / DVD labels, covers and cases with XARA Photo and Graphic Designer.

XARA Photo and Graphic Designer makes it easy for you to produce your own CD or DVD labels because it features pre-formatted label templates. These templates are the exact dimensions you’ll need. First, go to the Design Gallery and select a “CD / DVD covers & labels” template. Since it’s Christmas, I will replace the background image to a nice Christmas image. To do this, simple right-click and select “Replace Photo” now a beautiful holiday image can be selected from your PC. Once you’ve chosen the photo, the can change the size and rotation of the image with the ‘Fill Tool.’



The hard part is over, now comes the fine tuning like changing fonts and adjusting colors. All this is easy, simply double click on the already existing font and then the text tool is automatically selected. This allows you to edit the text. For a festive font, try Balthazar or Ingenius. Here, I’ve chose Ingenius. So that the font does not have to changed manually each time, a separate format can be generated which stores the text formatting. For this, open the Font Size Box, select the menu and select “Create Format. Name it whatever you like, I chose to name it “Christmas.” It’s quick and easy


The desired picture in the template manages to drag and drop. If you’d like the imported image to serve as the background, then it should also be located in the Layers Gallery at the bottom so that it covers no other elements. An example of a transformation from a monotonous template to an individual Christmas DVD cover looks like this:


DVD envelopes are a bit trickier but you can find them in the Page & Layer Gallery. If you need help in cutting out the design elements, a guide layer can be displayed. If not, it can be removed by going into guide layers and clicking on the eye icon. This can also be done with the trim marks. Now once the labels are finished, print your covers and envelopes. Pop them on your personalized CDs or DVD and boom, you got yourself a great Christmas present.

Don’t forget to download the free trial version of the Photo & Graphic Designer, to make your own DIY christmas presents.

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