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Embed YouTube videos on your website

Embed YouTube videos on your website

Embedding videos is a great way of giving websites a multimedia touch. Video is a great medium to convey information quickly and efficiently. YouTube makes it easier than ever before to upload videos to the Internet, updates of various sizes mean that the video platform now also offers a range of useful features. In the following article we’ll look at how to embed YouTube videos on your own website.

What’s the point of embedding YouTube videos?

At first glance embedding YouTube videos may seem like a lot of hassle. Why should I upload my videos to an online platform and then embed them on my website, instead of just uploading them to my server in the first place? Aside from the fact that many people get scared off by the word “server” uploading to YouTube does have its advantages. The upload process is quick and easy. There are lots of different supported video formats , just drag and drop the file onto the upload screen and the upload will begin uploading automatically. Now the video can be given a title and tags – something so easy that even inexperienced users can do.

Once this is done the whole world can watch the video. The advantage of uploading to YouTube quickly becomes apparent: the video generates traffic on your own website and is exposed to additional viewers on YouTube. Thanks to the search function and “similar videos” people will often stumble across your video, who otherwise wouldn’t have done. In addition, the rating feature and ability to leave comments allow us to gauge our viewers’ reactions. You’d be hard pressed to find a more honest opinion.

Where do I find the embed code for YouTube videos?

To embed videos on your own website you need an “embed code”. YouTube provides the code in HTML. This means that a video, including player, can be embedded easily. The simplest way to get the embed code is to right click on the video. In the window that appears you can select “Copy Embed Code”. The code can subsequently be added to the administration area (back-end) of the website or inserted using widgets in web software.

You can generate the embed code manually if you need to adjust the video’s size by clicking on “Share” and then “Embed”. There are lots of options available in the window that opens, e.g. video size. A more detailed description of all the functions can be found on the Google YouTube support page .

In MAGIX Website Maker embedding can also be done using widgets. These are mini programs that normally perform one sole function. After the widget is dragged onto the website all that needs to be done is to paste the embed code – then YouTube video will be on your own website.

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