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MAGIX Fastcut: Redefining Fully Automated Video Editing

MAGIX Fastcut: Redefining Fully Automated Video Editing

Fastcut’s promise to you: edit your videos fully automatically in just a few seconds. There are now competitors on the market that are making the same promise and using similar techniques to Fastcut. Many users don’t have the technical know-how about the programs so that they can understand why some  software are better than others. In this case, they then usually rely on the opinions of professionals.

Fastcut came out onto the fully automated video editing market in 2014 and has since redefined its market. Since the beginning, the team has been working intensively on developing the product further and is always committed to improving Fastcut and making it even more appealing.

Fastcut is going one step further with its new update in April and is enhancinng the software’s core. We’ll show you why.

Fully automated video editing with Fastcut:

Clip highlights

Fully automated videos can of course give you exciting results, but they can also produce dull results. Most people consider it important to capture the good moments from vacations, wedding parties, sports events or other experiences in a video.

As soon as you’ve decided on your clips in the program, you then have the possibility to precisely determine the length for each clip for yourself. This step is of course not absolutely necessary and can be skipped, but if you want to determine the emphasis in the video for yourself, then you should definitely use this feature, so that you can set the most important scenes as the focus of your film.

Screen Volleyballspieler

In the window, you can sort the order of the clips using the arrow buttons on the left-hand side. The trimming function has been moved from the selection dialog to here. This gives you more space so that you can trim more precisely.

You can easily determine the highlights using the large star button under the video.
This then places a yellow star marking above the timeline in the position where the play cursor has been placed or on the image that you can see in the video. This position will then reappear when using a template.

Also worth mentioning is that all settings and adjustments are automatically saved.
This means that all highlights and trimmed areas can be retrieved even after the project has been finished or the program has been closed.

Smart preview


(Smart Preview: switched on – left, switched off – right )

The valuable Smart Preview function is an underrated improvement that we want to go into more detail about.
Those who know their way around video editing will know how important proxys are and just how long it can take to set these up.

A new proxy algorithm has now been worked into Fastcut which automatically creates proxys for the visible area. These proxys will then be saved locally to the hard drive and will be reused automatically for new projects.

As a clear explanation of proxys: in kindergarten, you may have painted an A4 picture (original recording), which you needed to fold 4 times (Proxy recording) in order to take it home more easily to be framed (export). But here the trick is that we don’t want any creases in the picture. 

With this improvement, users that found their recording juddering after using a template shouldn’t have this problem anymore.

Tip: in case you don’t want to create a proxy for whatever reason, you can uncheck the option in the main program by going into the program settings, or just simply delete the old proxy files straight away. Without Smart Preview, a scaling will still be applied with the HQ button, which will save computer resources on playback.


What’s new in the template window


As usual with large Fastcut updates, there are now 10 new editing templates! This now brings the total to 63 editing templates that are available in varying lengths (15 to 180 seconds) and with different themes. There are constant small design adjustments being made to the program in order to improve its usability. 


Something that should bring a smile to many faces: you can now import, export and post-edit your own templates! These are basic functions that were absolutely necessary before.
You can then also share your exported editing templates with friends and family or simply load these onto other computers with Fastcut and continue to use them there.

 Automatic beat recognition

cuts automatically

When creating your own templates, you’ll be asked to select a piece of music from your hard drive. In order to achieve good results, you’ll have to manually set your own cuts. Automatic beat recognition automatically times the cuts to the beat of the music. This creates intersting results and can save you a lot of time.

automatic beats

Since this feature is brand new, we’re still working on improvements and optimizations. Just try it out and let us know if you’re happy with the results. Send us a message so that we too can evaluate it ourselves and share your action clips with the community!


What’s more, with this button on the right-hand side, you can make automatic corrections to the markers that you’ve applied yourself. It can often happen that you accidentally place a marker just outside of the tempo and then have to correct it. In this case, you just need to click on the button and Fastcut will adjust the next cut to the next beat. On– and off buttons will activate this. With this feature, you can always return to your original version and edit manually.

More about the new version

A lots has happed “under the hood”! Small bugs and crashes have been fixed, and there are new optimizations and overall performance improvements.

To finish up, it’s worth mentioning that this is a big update, so existing Fastcut users will have to download and reinstall the new version. But don’t worry; all the templates and settings from the earlier version will be carried over to the new one, so you won’t lose any data in the process

If you’re not already working with Fastcut’s fully automated video editing software: you can download the newest version here!

Let us know about your opinions, experiences and product wishes below in the comments!

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