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“Let there be light!”- The 6th Festival of Lights in Berlin

From the 13th to the 24th of October, close to 60 buildings, squares, and monuments will be interestingly illuminated with brilliant colors for the Festival of Lights.

At 7:30pm the night of  the 13th, The mayor of Berlin will kick off the annual festival in the celebration’s center, Potsdamer Platz. Then, at 9pm, fireworks will launch the festival temporarily into the sky.

Unter Den Linden- Under the Linden Trees, Berlin’s Champs Elysées

When I went last year, the trees on this grand avenue were shining with Tropical colors. This year, the boulevard will be lit up with an Indian Summer theme while the nearby Gerndarmenmarkt will get a Mediteranian make-over. In addition to these installations, there will be 3D projections on the Berliner Dom (the large Baroque cathedral in central Berlin) with a special twist. The german fashion designer, Wolfgang Joop, had an ingenious idea to transform this marvellous icon into a canvas for his latest collection: he will be displaying 12 images from his most recent collection exclusively on the cathedral.

“Lightseeing”, a very impermenant but undoubtedly interesting form of city exploration, allows anyone to enjoy the artistic installations that dot the city: by foot, by bike, by boat on the Lightship, or by wheel on the LightLiner Bus. Most impressively, the LightBalloon we can also suggest an astounding view from above. However, if you just feel like walking around and enjoying the festival at your own pace, the exhibitions are close to each other, so you should have no problems.

A Look Behind the Scenes:

On the night of the 16th (from 7pm until midnight), you can also have an insider’s look into monuments and interesting sites around Berlin, including a special “night at the aquarium” in Berlin’s zoo.

Among the other impressive events will be an organ concert of Au Clair de Lune inside the cathedral and a special night at the Friedrichsfelde Palace, where you may see the palace in novel ways. Also, “BBI by night” will allow curious city planner and architect-types to gaze into the unfinished complex that will become Berlin’s primary  airport.

The festival will finish with the traditional City LightRun at Potsdamer Platz. Here a 7.5 kilometer route will allow visitors to view the majority of the illuminated monuments.

(Translated from Oliver Bähr’s German original)

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