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Taking an action camera to a festival

Taking an action camera to a festival

For many music enthusiasts, a trip to a festival is a must. Often times, you want to share the memories of this beautiful and exciting time not only through stories, but also by sharing videos with others. But how is it possible to keep ahold of this experience and perfectly revive the festival feeling in a sole view of a video?

With the help of an action camera, e.g., a GoPro, you have a great partner for documenting the amazing time on the camping grounds with friends or your favorite act’s performance on stage. However, there are a number of things you should be aware of when taking an action camera to a festival.

We’ll let you in all you need to know to produce a videos of your festival memories.

Before the festival

You should take a few things into account as soon as you start packing for the festival.

  • Inform yourself – During the past few years, the safety regulations for various festivals have become stricter. Find out if and where you are allowed to film with your action camera well in advance. Otherwise it is possible that you’ll have to give your camera to security and you packed your film equipment for nothing.
  • Batteries and replacement batteries – Take a fully-charged battery and eventually charged, replacement batteries, if possible. If you’re unsure whether these will last the entire time, pack a mobile charging station as well. That way, you’ll be able to charge your batteries on your own.
  • Protective cover – Don’t forget to pack a protective cover for your action camera. This will protect your camera from dirt and water and save you a number of safety precautions.
  • Memory cards – Pack an empty and sufficiently large memory card. During the festival, it is unlikely that you’ll have enough time to delete unnecessary recordings, therefore make sure to have more than enough capacity to last until the end. Our tip: Take a memory card with at least 32 GB of memory and adjust the video quality in your camera settings to guarantee that it will be enough.
  • Camera stand – Don’t take a stand to the festival since it probably won’t be allowed on to the festival grounds. It would only put other festival goers dancing wildly at risk. Instead of a stand, you could take a chest holder for your action camera that would also make filming easier.
  • other Gadgets – Summer, Sun, Moisture. You’ll find this mix often at festivals and it ends with foggy lenses. The anti-fog protective cover here could be a great help for your action cam.

Checklist for a trip to a festival with your action camera

At the festival

If you’ve made the proper considerations while packing, then you’ll be properly equipped for a trip to a festival with your action camera. However, there are still a few things you’ll need to keep in mind while at the festival.

Do: Enjoy the festival and all its special moments and share the camera with your close friends. Back home you’ll be even more excited to see memories from different perspectives.

Don’t: Try to meticulously record the perfect music video – it won’t work and you’ll miss out on the best festival moments while trying. Just take a video in your own style! That way small mistakes won’t be very apparent.

Do: The closer you are to the sound desk, the better the sound you will record.And this way, you also won’t spoil the atmosphere on the dance floor.

Don’t: Leave the camera in an unlocked tent. You better keep it with you at all times or lock it somewhere safe. Often times, lockers will be offered at a festival by the organizer. You can lock up your action camera and other valuables here.

Do: Use an external microphone. It doesn’t matter which kind of microphone you own, it will certainly be able to record a higher sound quality than your camera, especially when using a protective cover.

Don’t: Record permanently at eye level. Not only will it hurt your arms, it will also restrict your vision and prevent you from enjoying the concert. Try to film in a variety of perspectives – for instance by mounting it to your chest.

After the festival

The festival is over and you’ve unpacked. Now, it’s time for the video’s most important step: The Postproduktion.

The first step in post production is to view the video material, which lends itself well for a review together with your friends for one last festival moment. After you’ve watched the entire raw footage, choose which clips you’d like to show in your video.

The second step focuses on editing and likewise the editing individual scenes together. Fastcut is an ideal helper for this. You can simply import your footage, choose the proper soundtrack, and the program will automatically edit your video material. You can then export the finished video and share it with your friends – all within a few minutes.

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