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FREE PhotoStory on CD&DVD 9

We, here at MAGIX, are excited to announce that we will be hosting a contest to win two FREE PhotoStory on CD & DVD Packages! This award-winning software (over 50 awards to be more precise) has everything you’ll need to give your photos the professional presentation they deserve. With its user-friendly design and speed oriented programming, PhotoStory makes it so simple!

Everyone can enter the contest, other than MAGIX employees, of course. In the spirit of our software, we’re going to make the rules simple but with a lot of room for creativity; All you have to do is post a comment on this blog entry including the phrase “slideshow software”. At the end of two weeks, September 23rd, we will decide which two comments are the most creative and original. We hope that you’ll give us some hard decisions to make!

Please don’t forget to leave your e-mail address at the end of your post so we can contact you to send the software. Also, if you are a fan, join us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with everything MAGIX related (and to know about future contests).


    What A Great Idea! Keep Up The good Work! From

    • Nathan

      thanks so much for the encouragement! if you'd like to win the software, though, please follow the instructions. they're super easy. just read above

  • shauna

    Slideshow software for novice to expert. Dare to try it. Dare to share it.



    (creative, and yes it is real)

  • Muzaffarkhuja

    Slideshow Software – Slide and Show! :)

  • Vivienne

    GO Slideshow Software!!

  • DoubleODude

    How's it going guys. I'm loving your software.

    • Nathan

      hey! thanks for the compliements! if you could just leave another comment with “slideshow software” you could possibly get a bit more of it for free!

  • DoubleODude

    “slideshow software” For the win!!!!

  • Paul

    Hey! I did it! I used to be a photo… and now I can talk! ..Thanks God..I mean Photostory..I mean…yep you know…Thanks Guys!!! XO “slideshow software”


  • Nathan

    Thank you so much for your entires! We, here in the MAGIX office, have deliberated and debated, and now we have decided. The winners of PhotoStory on CD&DVD 9 packages are… DRRRUM ROOOLLLLLL…..
    Paul and DoubleODude!
    Congratulations guys!
    To the rest of you, thanks so much for participating,please keep checking our website for new contests and keep up the creativity. We'll be giving away different software in the coming weeks!

    • DoubleODude

      Thanks a lot Nathan I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Magix Rocks!!

  • Dw777

    Can anyone tell me how to remove an Outro from a slideshow. I've been looking everywhere and can't find anything. The website help section has nothing! Help