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No GoPro? Make your own action smartphone!

No GoPro? Make your own action smartphone!

The holidays are over and you’re not one of the lucky guys who got a GoPro under the Christmas tree? Don’t be sad, you don’t need an action cam to shot some nice action footage! A smartphone, some good ideas and a tiny budget will do the trick.

Why use your smartphone as an action cam?

Your smartphone is small, supports HD format and is battery powered. Most importantly it has a camera (!!), whose characteristics are very similar to any point-of-view camera. While a GoPro is only a camera, a smartphone is much, much more. With the GPS you can, for instance, assess your position, altitude and speed while skiing, skydiving or riding your mountain bike. Not to mention the multitude of apps you can download to edit and improve your footage directly on your smartphone.

Now the skeptics are probably wondering, if it is so easy to make an action cam out of a smartphone, then why do action cams even exist at all? Well, quite frankly, a smartphone is neither waterproof nor easy to mount. However, with a tiny budget, you can overcome those issues quite easily!

How to make an action smartphone?

From cellphone cases to mounting options, there are many ways to turn your smartphone into an action cam. To protect your smartphone from water, dirt and shocks, you should get an action case and base your purchase on how extreme your activity will be. If you’re only looking to protect your phone from dust and splash water, a regular outdoor case should be enough. If you’re going for something a bit more spectacular, then you should have a look at these cases: Hitcase, qMountZ, Optrix XD, G90, Miveu and Mophie Outride. Not only are they break-proof and waterproof, they also offer different camera angles and mounting possibilities.

And if you are skilled enough, you don’t even have to buy a case or mounting parts! Take a look at this video and make one yourself, for free! Actually, as we discovered, you don’t even need a smartphone to make an action cam. This rather resourceful tutorial shows you how to make an action cam within 5 minutes from basically nothing and for only 10$/€.

Now that you know how to make an action cam from your smartphone, you just need some adventures to film. We even have the right software to edit all your action footage – Fastcut. You can test it for free here!

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