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5 Hot GoPro Mount Options for Filming Winter Sports

5 Hot GoPro Mount Options for Filming Winter Sports

The weather’s turned and soon it’ll be time to break out the heavy jacket and your winter sports gear. Whether your perferred gear are skis or a snowboard, chances are that you also are packing an action camera to take out with you into the cold.

Cold weather doesn’t always make it easy to find a camera operator who wants to go out with you and cold fingers make for bad grip. In the end, you might be filming yourself. So, without further ado, we’ve got 5 hot camera mount ideas to help you combat the cold while filming your Winter sports.

1. The Selfie Stick

Let’s start simple. Selfie sticks are often disliked.

But, they are one of the easiest, low-cost methods to film yourself. They are simple to set up and can offer some nice angles and framing, also as an alternative to a handheld unit for filming other people.

If you manage the learning curve of using one without seriously hurting yourself, then the footage can be OK. One of the disadvantages for filming yourself is that there is always a pesky pole in frame when using one. Ick. Not for me, but hey, if that floats your boat.

2. Head & Helmet Mounts

We’re still kind of undecided on head and helmet mounts. On the one hand, a head mount is quick and easy to interchange between people and (with a few modifications) you can switch its place on your body or to a piece of sports equipment, but as they are detachable, might be prone to fall off.

On the other hand (or maybe… head), helmet mounts are as safe as your helmet strap, the screw mount in your camera, and the mounted connection to your helmet, but once the mount is there, it’s there for good. Nothing will fall off without you having to worry about the condition of your head. There are extendable poles so that you can get more of your facial expressions in the frame and even a reasonable body shot as well. However, this means weight and extra reach which might make things like getting on a ski-lift a little annoying.

3. A Wrist Mount

A wrist mount probably has a very limited usage, but we needed to include it on this list for all the skiers and snowmobilers out there. There are wrist mount options for action cameras, so in case you are out in the cold and your arms are either stationary or out-stretched with a pole, you might want to consider this option.

4. The AirDog

This is right up our alley. We heard about this puppy years ago and are still dig all of its gadget-nerd glory of a hands-free drone, which follows you around on the slopes. By no means is this the simplest solution, the disadvantages are there. In fact, there are various drones out on the market, which will track, fly behind (or in front) , and film you. Such a drone is packed full of expensive technology, which is still pretty young in its development and drones are still a pretty controversial piece of filming equipment. On the up-side, the reviews have been good and those aerial shots just melt in your mouth… Mmmmm.

5. Shoulder Mount

The shoulder mount is my choice for the best mount for Winter sports. Why not a chest mount? I think the shoulder mount offers a better framing for footage.

It remains as stable or unstable as you are and allows your viewers a pretty realistic experience of what you see—all without weighing down your head. Two downsides are that you’ll need another camera to keep your videos interesting and that it makes carrying a day-/backpack more difficult (as if peeling off layers of Winter-wear everytime you go to the bathroom wasn’t annoying enough).

Bonus: Pet mount

We’re also like to encourage newcomers to videography, so take a look at pet mounts if you happen to take your four-legged friends outdoors with you. They might follow you around (which would be some entertaining footage, now wouldn’t it?), or they might be on a personal mission to explore the tundra. Either way, it’s a bit of fun for the whole family.

When you finally decide to head back to charge your batteries and warm up, don’t forget to dump and back up your footage. Feel free to try out Fastcut or one of MAGIX’s other video editing programs, which are all available for download in gratis trial versions, to edit and create videos to share with others. Keep warm and happy filming!

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