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Having a Photo-Walk with Camera MX

Having a Photo-Walk with Camera MX

The MAGIX App for Android, Camera MX, allows you to upload your pictures to your favourite social media channels with just one-click. It is so easy that as a result, sometimes we inundate our social media profiles with hundreds of pictures without any order or coherence. We want to present you with some tips and advice in order to create interesting and fun photo albums that will impress your friends and followers now and into the future.

First of all you should pick a topic or theme for your album. Try to concentrate on an specific object or subject in each picture, we have chosen to take pictures of buildings in our walk in Berlin, with such great architecture it helps inspire the photographer. For each album you create it is very important to apply the same filter and similar effects to all the pictures, this makes the album look professional and flow better. Just because you have all these awesome effects doesn’t mean you should go crazy on every picture. After a while of using Camera MX you will get accustomed to what effects might suit what picture, even before you snap!

With Camera MX you can add the filters even before taking the picture, wow!. As well as being a great time saver, not having to do any editing later, it also allows you to be creative and experiment before committing the image to virtual celluloid 🙂 Of course if you prefer, once you have taken your picture you can use one of the 16 filters available and the 8 different editing options to perfect your shot. For our first album we have used the sepia filter together with a touch of illumination and saturation. It seems to be a perfect combination to use on a day with not much light and as so gives that vintage style to all our series.

Taking pictures of historic buildings is an easy way to make a pretty album but it is also not very original. The beauty of having a camera always with you is that you can capture those interesting day-to-day moments that can make us smile and laugh. We also recommend that on your photo-walk you turn yourself to those things that are not so eye-catching at first sight. For example, the subject of our second album. Just a couple of minutes from the majestic Gendarmenmarkt we found these huge apartment blocks. Using a more daring filter, the lomo one, we get a pretty fancy result. A perfect contrast to of our first album.

This advice is very simple and easy to follow, so next time you are out with your phone don’t forget to consider them while taking your pictures, you will be amazed with the improvement!

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