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Video editing with one mouse click: How does Multicam editing work?

Video editing with one mouse click: How does Multicam editing work?

With the help of  Multicam editing it is considerably easier to edit film material from more than one different camera. Nowadays it is common to have more than one camera filming large family celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, as well as sport events like football matches. Two cameras will obviously see more than one! The only problem is the process of combining the different videos. As you want to keep the consistency of the footage, editing the video should not interfere with the timing of scenes. Multicam editing eases the work of synchronized editing into each other of different recording material and simplifies the time logic. By the way, Multicam editing is also integrated in Movie Edit Pro.

Instead of cumbersomely splitting all video files and combining them into one movie, Multicam editing allows you to directly synchronize two video sources at the click of a mouse. You simply need to load both video files (the perspectives of two cameras) into the program and find a suitable point for synchronization. A synchronization point is a distinctive point in the video that serves as a starting point for congruently overlapping both video tracks. This can also be an auditory signal such as the sound of a whistle signifying the kick-off at a football match. After overlapping both video tracks at this point, you can start Multicam editing.

Both movie tracks are displayed and played back in two preview windows. By clicking in one of these windows, you determine the perspective that will be shown in your movie. If you would like to change this perspective – as the recording of the second camera may be better – you just need to click on the other preview window. The result is a perfectly edited movie with the same characteristics as those editied manually. The cuts that were defined by mouse click can also be edited later on to fit your individual wishes. You can also add video effects, titles and fades like you’re used to. There are no limits to a movie maker’s scope of creativity.

Even though Multicam editing may be a very helpful tool for combining footage from recordings of more than one camera, you need to be aware of many things. You will be able to find helpful tips and tricks about cameras, storage media and perspectives as well as an outlook on semi-professional Multicam editing using Video Pro X in the second installment of this article series.

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