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How to get more muscles in just 3 steps thanks to photo editing

We might not be Men’s Health, but we can show you how to get more muscles in no time at all thanks to a few photo editing tricks. Say goodbye to working out with weights and the treadmill, all you need is the right software. Many programs feature so-called “fun tools”, allowing you to create incredible manipulations. The “Liquid color” effect can be used to create larger muscles, larger eyes or a longer nose. I’ll show you how, by using our own software program MAGIX Xtreme Photo & Graphic Designer.

1. Step:

Click on the Graphic Designer module on the start screen (recognizable by the paint brush and the sheet of paper). The user interface will open and we can start with our software workout: Let’s go to the “File” menu and load the photo which shows me with my “normal” muscles. The program automatically switches to photo editing mode, recognizable by the camera icon in the vertical menu bar. Now let’s switch to the live effect tool by clicking on the plug icon in the same menu bar (1).

2. Step:

A new button called “New>” will appear in the upper menu (2).

3. Step:

Click on it and select “Liquid color” (3) in the “Deformation filter” category. A new window with a hand full of effects that can be applied to the photo in real time will open. I did not change the “Draw” symbol that was preset in the window and simply moved the mouse cursor to my rather thin arms. Continue to hold the mouse button, move the mouse and see what happens. I admit, I might have gone a bit too far with my muscle building “workout:

In the end, I went for a half-way realistic distortion.

And that’s the result:

…and there were no steroids involved, only a few photo editing tricks – I’ll be back!

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