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Image Enhancement – Summer Light in Photos

Image Enhancement – Summer Light in Photos

The summer may be ending, but there are probably many out there who have already experienced some frustration when trying to capture the full effect of the summer light in their photos. Natural light plays a pivotal role in creating the right mood for a photo and the soft, warm light of summer can make your photos a lot friendlier than pics taken on a gray winter day.

But sometimes even the best photographers and the best cameras don’t quite catch the full effect of the light. In these cases Xara Photo & Graphic Designer can help you salvage those pics with a bit of photo editing. With a little know-how and creativity you can optimize your photos and recreate that amazing summer feeling.

The Know-How

The first option for making your images lighter or adding more contrast is the level adjustment. Go to the camera icon on the left toolbar and click on the icon that looks like a small red mountain range. This will open a new editing window.

You’ll see the little red mountain range in this window which actually graphically displays the levels in the photo. Push or pull the diagonal line in the editing window to make the image darker, lighter or to intensify the colors.

The next option for adding more sunlight to your photos is by using filters.

In my last article I described how to get to the filters so I’ll only go over it briefly here.

In the left toolbar click on the plug icon, then on “New” in the upper toolbar and then on “Optimize”. A new editing window will open where you can do some experimenting. Move the slider to bring out the warm colors and minimize the cold hues. Contrasts also help to push the light into the foreground.

Another good tool for increasing and accentuating colors is the “Color Balance” filter.

You’ll find this filter under “New”, “Color Filters”, “Color Balance” as described in the picture.

This is a good opportunity to try out your creativity by experimenting with the various sliders for “Shadow”, “Middle Tones” or “Lights”.

Here you can see my original photo (1), my photo with edited levels (2), and after “optimization” (3) and finally with the color balance filter (4).

It’s that easy to transform a gray, depressing photo into an image that will have a totally different effect on the viewer.



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