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Intel  RealSense™ Technology – Endless Possibilities

Intel RealSense™ Technology – Endless Possibilities

“Amazing Camera. Endless Possibilities.”

That’s how Intel described this new form of computer control when talking about it for the first time in 2014. They described a way of controlling a computer easier than ever before, using only gestures and movements.
Two years later and Intel have presented their new RealSense™ technology with their partners at the entertainment electronics fair, CES 2016. To present the features of this new technology, the firm had “The Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons to front their advertising campaign. Sheldon Cooper’s actor shows us in short, off-the-wall clips what you can do with 3D camera technology.

With Youcast, MAGIX (an official Intel partner) has published software that works like a dream with a RealSense™  camera. This live streaming software has been developed in close cooperation with Intel.
Since Youcast is the first live streaming software on the market to support RealSense™ , we thought we’d give you a closer look at this technology.

Intel’s new “eye” – Here’s what RealSense™ can do

The RealSense™  camera works just like the human eye. It recognizes and structures spatial depth and movements. To make the image appear correct, there are three devices you can use: a full HD camera, an infrared camera, and an infrared laser projector. Both cameras transmit the depth of image and, using the laser projector, create a 3D model of the object being filmed. The software can then work with this 3D model.

Additionally, a microphone has been integrated into the video camera in order localize and add in the ambient sounds of the environment, which can also be implemented for voice commands.

Other options for operating the hardware include:

  • Facial recognition
  • Control via hand gestures
  • Voice recognition and control
  • Augmented reality
  • 3D scanning
  • Background removal without a green screen
  • Depth measurement
  • Reassign the focal length in images

Youcast supports background removal, making it ideal for Let’s Players and vloggers. Check out our Live Cast Introduction to see why having a removable background is so great!

What’s more – lots of famous gamers like to display their live reactions when playing. By using background removal, they can catapult themselves right into the game.

MAGIX is continuing to work on further features to explore even more ways to use the program with RealSense™.

Youcast-Gamecast_live_ int_rgb

The unique technology behind  RealSense™

There are two kinds of cameras that can work with RealSense™ technology. First if all, there’s the intelligent F200 Short-Range Camera, which is designed for shorter distances (around 0.2-1.2m). This makes it ideal for use as a webcam on laptops or all-in-one PCs. There are a whole range of options for gesture control as you’re interacting directly with the camera.

The second option is Intel’s R200 Long-Range Camera. With a larger range, this works as a foundation for working with depth and distance in a room. Subsequent focus correction of an image, digitally measuring distance, or 3D scans are all advantages of this depth camera, often found in 2-in-1 devices or tablets.

Right now, Intel is offering an SDK (Software Developer Kit) for developers. Hardware for the general public will be made available in the coming months. We’re looking forward to hearing about the latest developments!

Source: Intel Online

Youcast & RealSense™ – The dream team

Youcast is the first MAGIX software program that’s been specially designed to work with RealSense™. Find out more about Youcast on the Intel Website.

And now, along with our new software release, you can get the full version of Youcast to use for free for 30 days. Have fun live streaming!


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